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She did not mean to leave without saying goodbye. She wanted to see him one last time before they left this sanctuary because she was not sure what lay beyond the four walls of the hospital. Were they friends? She still needed answers on the blind date situation.  She was heading to his room to let him know that she had been discharged and would be leaving but when she got to his door, he had company. An elderly couple was by his side and it appeared to be his mom and dad. She did not feel comfortable walking into the room, her presence might make things awkward. And so she just left.

“Hey you.”

“Hey Amber” Azania replied when she got into the car. Amber had taken the day off from work to pick her up from the hospital.

“What’s up with you? You don’t exactly look happy to see me” Amber said as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed into the direction on Azania’s apartment.

“I just have a lot of my mind, don’t take it personal” she replied and leaned her head against the headrest. All she wanted right now was her bed, some comfort food and Netflix.

“Could DeAndre be one of those things that are on your mind?” Amber enquired.

“Not at all.”

“Come on Azania, even I could see the chemistry between the two of you. What’s the deal between you two?”

“There’s nothing going on.”

“Girl don’t play me like that.”

“For real, there’s nothing going on between me and DeAndre. We went out on a blind date, I didn’t think I would hear from him after the date but I did and we hanged out once. He turned out to be interested in buying the property that belonged to my grandfather. My dad asked me to handle it and since I didn’t want to sell it, I decided to lease it to him and his business partner.  He’s also the one that intervened in whatever evil plans that man had on that faithful day.”

“Ok but why isn’t there anything going on between the two of you? Was the date a disaster?”

“Not at all. It exceeded my expectations. Everything was just perfect until…”

“Until what?”

“Until we kissed…” she whispered.

“You kissed?!” Amber exclaimed turning in her seat to face her.

“Amber watch the road!”

“Sorry. You kissed?! And you claim that there’s nothing going on between the two of you?”

“Because it’s true. Before the whole incident occurred we had not been on speaking terms for months.”

“Why not?”

“Because he kept on taking liberties.”

“What liberties?” Amber asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s not what you’re thinking. He just kept kissing me and I was too weak to resist him ninety-nine percent of the time.”

“I have seen the guy, I don’t blame you” Amber joked.

“It’s not funny. You know how weak I am, I tend to fall in love quickly.

“Well maybe he was falling for you as well.”

“I know that’s not true.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I asked him what his intentions were and he couldn’t even answer me.”

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