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She was lying on her bed trying to go to sleep but she couldn’t. Every time she would close her eyes she would relive the moment. It was bad enough that she couldn’t get his cologne of her skin. She tried but even after taking a shower, she still smelled like him.

She glanced at her phone. Five missed calls. All were from him. She didn’t pick up because she did not know what she would say. Sorry?

She really does not know how they got to that place. One moment she was laughing and they were kidding around, she felt like a child again. The next moment they were on the grass lip-locking. She just had to get away from him before she made a complete fool of herself. When he helped her out of the car when she pulled up, she had to blink twice. He looked good without even trying and those muscular arms, Lord have mercy. She didn’t take him for someone whose skin would be adorned with tattoos. His looked like a work of art and she had every intention to ask him about it, until her eyes fell on the camera that hung around his neck. He did photography as a hobby. She would have loved to see some of his work but that is never going to happen. The best thing she could do for herself was to stay far away from DeAndre Morgan. She still wanted to keep her heart intact. After tossing and turning for a few more minutes, she finally went to sleep.

Azania woke up the next morning to the sound of her ringing phone. It was her mother.

“Hey momma” she answered with a groggy voice.

“Azania I know that you better not still be sleeping. Church is about to start in the next hour!”

‘Oh snap’ she thought jumping out of bed with the speed of Buzz Lightning. She had overslept and for some reason her alarm didn’t go of. It has been ages since she last went to church and if she missed today’s service, there was no way her mom would let her live it down.

“No momma, I’m just about to take a shower” she lied. Well technically it wasn’t a lie because she was about to take a shower after she hung up. She walked into her bathroom and opened the water so she could adjust the water’s temperature and also so that her mother can hear the running water.

“Ok baby. See you at church and make sure you look cute.”

“Momma I always look cute” she protested. ‘Well except now’ she thought as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. She had bed head and those bags under her eyes did not look cute. But it’s whatever, those bags under her eyes were Prada and those lips were definitely Gucci.

“Right” her mom replied sarcastically. “Bye.” She hung up before Azania could even get a word in.

By the grace of God she made it to church just in the nick of time. She spotted her parents at the front of the church and made her way over to them. Ursula Parker did not ever want to sit at the back of the church and deal with crying babies and oversized church hats. And for that reason Azania had to navigate through the hordes of congregants to reach her destination. Just as she hugged her parents, Pastor Brown stepped onto the stage.

Two hours later the service had ended and for two hours she had forgotten about her problems. The worship was good, Pastor Brown preached an encouraging message about God’s divine plan. She now felt ready to face the world.

“Azania baby, there’s someone I want you to meet” her mother said. Her dad had magically disappeared but she spotted him in the distance talking to an old friend. She should have known that her mom had ulterior motives when she called this morning. “Mark this is my beautiful daughter that I have been telling you about.”

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