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CHAPTER NINE: "Mindless Behavior"

Azania couldn't help but smile thinking about the night before. It was a Saturday morning and she was still in bed enjoying sleeping late for the first time in a long time. DeAndre was someone that she could easily see herself falling for, if she didn't guard her heart. He had this beautiful sun kissed skin and soulful brown eyes, plus he was tall and built. As a plus sized woman, she always found herself being attracted to the tall strong looking men. DeAndre Morgan definitely fitted that description. That was a fine specimen of God's creation. Plus he reads! He was attentive and gave her his complete attention even though a few females tried to get his attention during their date. She absolutely hated it when men had wandering eyes. It was a major turn off. But it's not like she would ever see him again. None of her blind dates lasted for more than one date. Amber definitely got it right this time. 'Oh well' she though getting out of bed to make her some breakfast. On her way to the kitchen she walked over to her radio and decided to switch on some Miss India Arie.

"What's for breakfast" she wondered out loud. She opened the fridge and looked at some left over chicken she made on Thursday night. Right next to it was a packet of bacon and pork sausages she could have for breakfast with some fried eggs and toast. Her eyes fell on the pudge of her stomach and she glanced at the bacon and pork sausages again. Maybe I should have some cereal she thought and with that she ransacked her cupboards for some muesli to have with some yogurt and fresh fruit. It was not like she was on a diet or anything but she tried to limit the amount of oily food she ate. That and also right now she was kinda lazy.

When I AM Not My Hair came on by India Arie's, she couldn't help but smile. She loved this song and she had not heard it in ages:

Good hair means curls and waves
Bad hair means you look like a slave
At the turn of the century
It's time for us to redefine who we be...

Those were powerful words and had stuck with her. She couldn't help looking at her reflection in the spoon she held in her hand. Right now she looked a hot mess. Her head scarf came off during the night, so her hair looked like she went Super Siyan, it was that wild. She had what ignorant black people would called bad hair, because that is the only people that she ever heard going on about the good hair/bad hair mess. Right now she didn't care because she was no longer some naïve teenager who was easily influenced by society's standard of beauty, she was so in love with her tight coils. There was no way in hell that she would offend God and call her God given tresses bad. Her hair grew and she was happy. The only bad thing was people's attitude, everyone just wanted to be mixed with something. What is wrong with just being black?

She cleaned up the kitchen and decided to straighten the place. There wasn't a lot to do because she was hardly home and her place always stayed clean.

'Maybe I should watch a movie' she though switching of the radio and going back to watch some old sappy romance movie in her room. The light on her phone was flashing, which indicated that she had a message. Laying down on the bed in some boy shorts and an oversized t-shirt, she unlocked her phone to read the message which was most likely from Amber.

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