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He was emotionally and physically exhausted. The past few weeks had taken its toll on him but as soon as she said 'okay' he felt the weight of the world roll off from his shoulders. He stood up from his crouched position infront of her and pulled her up from the bed into his arms. He tightly clinged onto her just to satisfy his need to be close to her, to reacquaint himself with the smell and sound of her being.

"You have no idea how much I have missed you" he whispered before placing a kiss on top of her head and releasing her from his bone crushing embrace.

He knew that she was exhausted and he did not want to keep her awake any longer, whatever else they had to talk about could wait until tomorrow or rather until later today because it was way past midnight. With that in mind he went to his closet to retrieve some pjs for them to sleep in. He reached for one of his pj sets. It was nothing fancy, just some shirt and pants.

"You can sleep in this and I will sleep in these" he said relinquishing the shirt to her and keeping the pants to himself. "You can change in here and I will use the bathroom."

He walked into the en-suite bathroom, so that she could have some privacy. He had no qualms with her undressing infront of him nor did he have any qualms with helping her undress but he was not too sure how she would react to that, so he would rather avoid her retracting into her shell.

As he was undressing, his mind couldn't help but to wander. He loved her. Don't ask him when or how it happened but he just knew in the depth of his heart that he loved her. The mere fact that he was willing to put up with so much drama in such a short amount of time only affirmed that because if it was someone else, he would not have had the time nor the patience to stick around. He really did love Azania and that thought alone terrified him. He could not imagine his life without her and that was the kind of love that could build or break a man. He did not want to become like his father...

His train of thoughts were pulled back to the present when he heard what sounded like his name.

"DeAndre..." he heard her call out to him.

"Yeah?" he responded when he walked back into the bedroom with his clothes in his one hand and the shoes in the other. His feet were still clad in socks. As he placed the items in their respective places, he saw her eyes briefly scan his bare chest before she averted her eyes and cleared her throat.

"I-I was just wanted you to know that i was done" she stuttered. "Where am I sleeping?''

"Right here" he responded.

"DeAndre I don't want to inconvenience you and put you out of your room. Just show me to one of the guest rooms and-"

"Azania you are not putting me out of my bed or my room because you and I are going to sleep in this bed together-"

"But-" she attempted to interrupt him but he interjected her objection.

"Must you always be so difficult woman!" he exclaimed. "There is no buts. I am way too tired to try to seduce you Azania and I don't want us to be this exhausted when we make love for the first time. I intend to take my time to explore every curve on your frame but tonight is not the night for all that. Just allow me to hold you, to be close to you."

"But if it's too much to ask for, you can use any one of the guestrooms that you want" he continued. He didn't wait for a response, instead he went to the bed and got inside. Is this what he had to look forward to? Someone that is always going to question his motives?

A few seconds later he felt the bed dip as she got inside. He was surprised when he felt her arms wrap around his torso and she laid her head against his back.

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