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A hand connected to the side of his face at the speed of light and with the force of the legendary Muhammed Ali. His first reaction was retaliation until his eyes fell on her. Azania. She had smacked him so hard that he felt the spit in his mouth go dry. Finally, her eyes bore into his. Never did he think that he would see her this angry, this hurt and he knew that he was to blame.

“I hate you DeAndre Morgan” she said before a sob escaped from her lips and the tears fell from her eyes. Somehow hearing her say those words pierced his heart.

Before he could say or do anything, she fled. It took him a moment but as soon as he snapped out of his moment of temporary paralysis, he briskly walked after her retreating form.

He lost sight of her for a moment when he reached the parking lot but spotted her car in the distance. The sight that he saw when he reached her car was something that made him feel lower than low, like the scum of the earth. There she was sitting behind her steering wheel, sobbing her heart out and it was all because of him. He walked to the passenger side of the car and before she could protest, he was seated next to her.

From the brief look that she gave him, he could tell that he was the last person that she wanted to see. She fumbled around in her pursue for what he assumed would be tissue, but he reached into his jacket pocket and handed her his handkerchief. She reluctantly took it and wiped her face.

“Azania…” he whispered. He wanted her to look at him but she kept her body facing forward, while his was turned in her direction.

“Azania…” he said while reaching for her but she jerked herself further away from him and out of his reach.

“Please just listen-“ but before he could finish his sentence, she spoke without facing him. Her gaze was fixed straight ahead, looking into the distance.

“That’s exactly what I said…please…PLEASE…just…listen…DeAndre…please just listen to the countless messages that I left you asking if you’re okay. Please just call me, just text me, just do something so that I can know that you are still alive and nothing bad had happened to you!” Her voice was filled with such raw emotion. “Please just give me the time of day and tell me what I did wrong to deserve this treatment from you…but you never responded. Not once did you pick up the phone to call or text, not once did you try to explain yourself. All I got from you was silence…”

“I’m trying to explain, if only you would let me...”

“I’m sorry DeAndre, but right now at this moment it’s a little too late. Whatever it is, I don’t care anymore.”

“Azania please-“ he said grabbing her hand.

“Let go of my hand before I do something that will make me end up in jail for murder.”

He voice was deadly calm but he could see that she was on the brink of hysteria. For that reason he reluctantly let go of her hand with a deep sigh. Even to this moment she refused to look at him.

“Get out of my car…” he heard her whisper.

The last thing that he wanted to do was leave her right now but what other choice did he have? Whatever he wanted to say, she would not listen. As he reached for the door to open it, she said his name.


He looked at her hopeful, maybe she had changed her mind and would hear him out. He didn’t mean to not call or text her, he didn’t mean to have her sad and crying. That’s the last thing that he wanted to do.

“Take your souvenir with you” she continued before shoving his handkerchief on his lap.

He looked at the damp piece of cloth on his lap that had caught her tears, before he looked back at her. Her eyes finally connected with his but they no longer held the warmth that they used to. Without another word, he picked up the crumpled piece of cloth before he got out of her car. Even minutes after watching her drive away, his feet did not allow him to move from that place where she left him.

He could feel the questioning eyes of his personnel on him when he finally made his way back into the building. This was a first. He usually kept his private life, private. But he had no time to worry about the gossip that was surely to follow, all he wanted to do was make things right with Azania.

He ignored everyone that tried to get his attention on his way to his office, he just wanted to be alone and didn’t want to be bothered. He slumped down in his chair and closed his eyes.

Memories of happier times filled his mind, like the morning after the night before. He remembered waking up with her securely wrapped in his arms and thinking that he could surely get used to Azania Parker becoming a more permanent fixture in his life.

He took some time to look at her, to really just look at her. From her full lips, to her high cheek bones, her nose and every single facial feature in between that contained no traces of makeup. She was beautiful. Even if no one else agreed but to him Azania Parker was breathtakingly beautiful. He reached out and touched her hair that was wild and all over the place. It felt soft between his fingers and faintly smelled like coconuts. With his one arm around her waist, he pulled her closer while the other hand remained tangled in her hair. Moments later he drifted off to sleep.

But that was his reality more than three weeks ago, a lot has happened between now and then. He just hoped that it was not too late to fix things between him and Azania.


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