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DeAndre was on his way to his office when he was stopped by his personal assistant.

"Excuse me Mr. Morgan, your friend Mr. Miller dropped by earlier and left this note for you. He said he had some urgent business to attend to but he will call you as soon as he gets back."

"Thank you Mrs. Fisher" he replied putting the note in his pocket.

Mrs. Fisher had been DeAndre's assistance for the past few years and did an excellent job at keeping the company running like clockwork. She was a happily married elderly woman in her late forties who didn't stick her nose in people's affairs or entertained office gossip and he preferred it that way. A few years ago he had to discover the hard way that working with a younger female assistant will just complicate life. Candy Lawrence was his personal assistance when he first started his company and also the reason he avoided having younger, single assistants all together. The constant flirting and attempts at seduction were embarrassing and more than he could bare, he had to let her go before any damage to his professional reputation could occur. He might have been a hoe at the club but he was surely not going to bring that mess to his workplace. The joke surely was on him because who hires a personal assistant with the name Candy? Everybody knows that that's a stripper's name.

Why not hire a male assistant some may wonder? Too much testosterone. Besides, studies showed that women work harder and faster than most men. He read it somewhere...just don't ask him where.

Walking into his corner office, he took of his jacket, loosened his tie and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt. It was a busy day filled with meeting after meeting and conference call after conference call with all the different shareholders from across the world. His head hurt and his ears were not doing too good either. That's the bad thing about doing business internationally. He had to sometimes be up at ungodly hours due to the different time zones. It was 1p.m and he would be leaving the office soon since he had been here since 4a.m. Not that he was complaining, he loved what he did and that is what helped him to get up in the mornings. Especially on those very cold winter mornings.

Just as he was about to leave the office, his cellphone rang. Anthwan's name was flashing across the screen.

"Sup man."

"Hey Dre. I'm on my way out of town for some business and my battery is about to die. Did you get the note?"
"Yes I did-"

"Ok, I really have to get on this plane right now." Anthwan interrupted him before he could finish question. "Call that number and we will talk when I get back. Bye."

Before he could even respond, he heard the dial tone.


He looked at his watch when he pulled up in front of his house. It was and exactly twelve hours since he left home this morning. He would have been home earlier but when he left the office after 1p.m he had to stop by the grocery store. There was no food at his house.

After weeks of junk food and microwaveable meals, he felt like having a home cooked meal. Something Italian was what he had in mind. After taking all the food out of the car and packing it away, he decided on making Chicken Parmesan. Yes a brother could cook.

He decided to take a shower and get comfortable before he started on the cooking. Thirty minutes later he was done and felt like a new person. Nothing relaxed him like a hot shower after a long day at work. He walked into the kitchen and started taking out all the ingredients that he would be needing to make this meal. 'Something is missing' he thought to himself.

"Music" he said out loud and went to one of the control pads that was in the kitchen. The surround sound system he had in his house was some high tech system which could be listened to and controlled anywhere in the house by a click of a button on the pad. He loved the convenience. Scrolling through the different options, he selected some 90's RnB music playlist he compiled which consisted out of some Jodeci, Dru Hill, Blackstreet Boys and Boys II Men. He loved old school music. "It's about to go down."

The first song that started playing was Jodeci's "Forever My Lady" and he danced his way over to the island. His body was bumping-n-grinding and he was dancing like he was Ginuwine back in the day. He put on a very manly apron which had "WHO's YOUR DADDY" written on the front and started chopping up some rosemary, parsley and thyme leaves like a professional chef. 'I should actually be recording myself' he thought to himself because this definitely looked like an episode from the FOOD NETWORK.

Gourmet kitchen - check
A handsomely amazing cook - check

The cameras should definitely have been rolling.

After about an hour of acting a fool and singing like he was trying to audition for X-FACTOR, the food was finally ready. He took out the bottle of white wine which he had placed in the fridge earlier on and poured himself a glass to enjoy with his meal.

"This is some good music" he said when Dru Hill's "These Are The Times" started playing.

These are the times we all wish for
The moment when less means so much more
We don't have to do a thing at all
We take our time and talk
And this is the way things need to be
No pressure from you and none from me
Just let the mood set the moment off
We can make love all night

Dre listened to the song, looked at his food and then looked at his glass of wine which was half full. Even the lights were dimmed. This was too romantic for his liking. Hell, he felt kind of lonely now.

'I am not looking for love but I surely could do with some companionship.'


When he finally went to bed, it was 8pm. He put on the t.v and switched to the sports channel to watch some basketball. Stretching on his bed, he felt a piece of paper brush against his hand. Reaching over, he picked it up and saw that it was the note from Antwhan that he never even bothered reading. Call this number was written in bold letters and underneath it was a name and a number.

Azania Parker 555-4256

"Azania Parker" he said the name out loud. Dre had the habit of talking out loud when he was by himself. 'What an unusual name."

He reached for his phone on his night stand and looked at the time. 8h05pm. Surely it was not too late to text someone at this time. Although he was tired, he was not going to sleep anytime soon, his body did not shut down any time before 11pm.

"Hello" he typed and pressed send.

Five minutes later he got a response.

"Hi...who is this?"

"DeAndre. I got your number from a friend."

Dre could only wonder what type of woman Anthwan set him up with this time. Only time would tell...



Well they haven't met yet in person but this is the start of something beautiful. I just love DeAndre. Can I please have a DeAndre?

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