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“Was it just me or did you and Azania Parker just have a moment?” Anthwan asked after a moment of silence between him and DeAndre.

“You should know since you are the one that hooked me up with her” DeAndre replied bitterly.

She was the last person he expected to see when he walked into Anthwan’s office. The moment his eyes fell on the woman in the chair, he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him. It can’t be, can it? As soon as Anthwan introduced her as Miss Parker, he felt like he just got the wind knocked out of him. Wait, why was he feeling this way? It was her. It was her and she looked so good. ‘Damn she really looked good’ he thought as his eyes travelled down the length of her body. The dress that she was wearing complemented her curvy frame, she looked beautiful. He couldn’t help it when he held onto her hand longer than he should have. The same scent that assaulted his sense on the day that he had held her close and kissed her was the same scent that was assaulting his senses right now. His eyes fell on her lips before slowly traveling back to her eyes. Since she had been the one not returning his calls, he would pretend like that chapter of his life never existed and that is exactly why he acted like he did. This was their first time meeting.

During the meeting he got to experience another side of her. Her taking control of the meeting like she did was sexy to the power hundred. He had to admit, what she proposed was a smart business move. She was sitting on a gold mine and like she said, it would be foolish of her to let the property go. After laying her proposition on the table, she walked out like a boss lady but her perfume still lingered in her absence. If they were going to be doing business together, why would Anthwan set him up with her in the first place? He had some questions that he needed some answers to and he was going to get those answers right now.

“Wait, I did what?” Anthwan asked with a shocked expression on his face.


‘Wait why was he acting crazy’ he wondered.

“You hooked me up with Azania Parker” he said in a much calmer voice.

‘I did no such thing” Anthwan protested.

“You did.”

“Ok wait” Antwhan said stopping the back and forth bickering between him and Dre. It was clear to him that his friend was not being rational right now. “What gives you the idea that I hooked you up with her?”

“Remember the day you left? You gave me her number to call, just like you did with Lisa, Britney and Jessica.”

“Oh gosh” Ant said holding his head in his hands. “This is clearly a huge misunderstanding.”

“What do you mean this is clearly a huge misunderstanding?” Dre asked before pouring himself a drink. He was overreacting and that was way out of character for him. Hopefully this shot of whiskey will calm him down.

“The day I gave you that number was for you to call Azania Parker with regards to the property that we wanted to buy for the restaurant.”

“Wait, what?” Dre chocked on the whisky that he was drinking.

“You were in a meeting and I left the number with Mrs. Fisher. We have been talking about the property all week. I assumed that you knew what the number was for.”

“Man” Dre sighed before he sat back in the chair. He recalled the conversation vividly. Anthwan was trying to tell him something but he was on the phone discussing the finer detail with a potential client. His eyes were fixed on Ant but his mind was not on whatever he was trying to communicate to him at that moment. All he saw was a number and he assumed…well look where his assumptions got him this time.

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