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After months of hard work, meeting after meeting, they were finally going to start construction on the property. Every single inspection that needed to be done was out of the way and finally cleared. Demolition of the old building would take place in less than a week. And that’s why Azania found herself heading to the property, she was bored and wanted something to do. Plus capturing every detail of the old place before it was transformed into something new did not sound like a bad idea. She loved finding artistic moments in desolate places.

She grabbed her camera and got out of the car. No trespassing was written in big bold letters on a withering placate in front of the rusty gate. This place was definitely falling apart. She removed the protective cover from her camera and took a few pictures before she opened the gate. It was not locked and made that squeaky sound that could be heard in horror movies. Maybe this was not the best of ideas, she thought but brushed the uneasy feeling of. She was just being paranoid.

A sunflower that grew between the cracks of the pavement on the side of the building caught her attention. She could not remember the last time she saw an actual life sunflower, not the plastic stuff they sell in the some stores. It was beautiful.  She moved in that direction and angled her camera to get the perfect shot. Maybe she should take it with her because it would be uprooted in a few days. But her apartment was not plant friendly, this flower needed to be out basking in the sun. Maybe her mom could plant it in her garden-

“Hey sweet thang” someone said behind her interrupting her train of thoughts.

She was so caught up with taking pictures that she did not even hear anyone approach her. Slowly she turned around to face whoever the voice belonged. Chills ran down her spine. But not the good kind of chills. An attractive well-dressed man stood in front of her but he had a sinister glint in his eyes. A sense of pure evil was radiating from him.

Not a smart move Azania, not a smart move!’ she scolded herself. She discretely glanced around and did not see a single soul in sight. She was alone at an abandoned building with a strange man who looked like a wrestler from WWE Raw and no one knew where she went. After all the episodes of Criminal Minds that she watched and this is what she did? Totally irresponsible.

“Can I help you?” she asked glancing up at the man with attitude. Her heart was beating out of her chest right now but there was no way that she was going to show it.

“I was driving by when I saw this property. I might be interested in buying it. How about you show me around sweet thang?” He had moved closer and was now invading her personal space.

This man must think that she’s a damn fool. How old did she look, 16? She was not that naïve.

“This property is not for sale and you need to leave” she said. “You are trespassing.”

“Come on sweet thang” he said grabbing her arm just as she was about to walk past him.

In her reflex Azania smacked the hell out of him. “Do not put your hands on me” she said pointing her finger in his face.

“You ugly fat black bitch!” he said before raising his hand to hit her.

Instinctively she closed her eyes. In the following split second, she could already feel the blow on her face. She could already see herself being beaten to a pulp and dragged into the abandoned building. Square up partner. She was not a punk, she was not going down without a fight.

The blow never came.

“I would not do that if I were you” she heard a very familiar voice say.

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