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After the third ring, she was sent to voicemail. She looked at her phone in disbelieve but she should not be surprised because for the past three weeks that has become the norm every time she called DeAndre. At first she was concerned, thinking something bad had happened to him because they had gotten into the habit of constantly texting each other through-out the day and spoke on the phone every night, so when she didn’t hear from him for a whole day she went into panic mode. She expected the worst but a call to Anthwan assured her that he was alive and well. She stared at the phone in her hand. She felt foolish. What on earth went wrong?

The last time she saw him was the morning after the night before. She vividly remembered waking up securely wrapped in his arms and thinking that there was nowhere else she rather wanted to be. She took the time to study his facial features, from the slight crease lines on his forehead, to the fans that he called lashes, his cheeks, his nose, his strong jawline to his full kissable lips. DeAndre was such an attractive man. She reached out and traced her index finger across his jawline and when she was about to touch his lips he softly bit her finger. That was the last thing she expected to happen and the gasp that left her lips bore witness to that.

“You bit me!” she exclaimed in disbelieve.

“You touched me” he responded.

“But-but I didn’t bite you” she said with a pout on her face.

“Poor baby” he said reaching for her finger. “Show me where it hurts.”

“Right here” she said holding her finger up for him to inspect.

“Should I kiss it better?”

“Uh huh” she nodded her head playing along.

He placed a lingering kiss on her finger. “Better?” he asked.

“Just a little bit” she replied trying to hide the smile that was forming at the corners of her lips.

He placed a kiss on the palm of her hand. “How about now?”

“It still hurts” she replied no longer able to hide the smile on her face.

He leaned over her frame and kissed her forehead. “And now?”

Instead of verbally replying, she just shook her head negatively.

The next place he kissed, was on her cheek. “Better?”

“Yes” she replied nodding her head. She knew that he wanted to kiss her, the smoldering look in his eyes gave him away but she didn’t want to paralyze him with her morning breath, she thought absentmindedly biting her lip.

“Well this is going to make you feel a whole lot better” he said before capturing her lips with his.

Any though that Azania had in her mind about morning breath immediately flew out of the window. Kissing DeAndre always made her feel like she was freefalling.

Her thoughts were pulled back to the present time. She running her hands though her coily hair and pacing the floor. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she was a mess and it showed in the quality of work that she had been producing these past few weeks. Her eyes fell on the clock that was mounted on the wall and it read 15h05. She needed answers and she needed them now. She was done being Boo-Boo the Fool. With those thoughts in mind, she gathered her bag from her desk and left the office.

This was her first time coming here and she couldn’t help but to be impressed with the architecture of Morgan Architects. Back when the love was still good, she had an invitation to stop by and surprise her low down, dirty, good for nothing, trifling man. Right now, she actually regretted not taking DeAndre up on his offer to drop by at his place of work. It would have made things so much easier. She could have just waltz into his office, cussed his ass out and left. But noooo, she had to be shy and what not, not wanting to crowd his space. Now because of her damn issues, she had to do the walk of shame and walk up to the receptionist and deal with the twenty-one questions that were sure to follow.

“Hi, I am looking for DeAndre Morgan” she said as soon as she reached the Malinda Williams lookalike receptionist.

“Do you have an appointment Miss…? the receptionist asked eyeing her up and down.

Before Azania could reply with an attitude, she heard the voice that she hadn’t heard in over three weeks speak to someone behind her. For a split second she froze. She did not know how to react. When she left her office, she had no plan in mind, she did not know how this scene was going to play out. But then she heard him laugh that stupid laugh that she used to love so much. She turned around and what she saw in front of her made her see red.

DeAndre had no right to still look as good as he was looking right now, when she looked and felt like something that the cat just dragged in fresh of the street. He had no right to look so happy when she felt so down and depressed. He had no right to be laughing and talking to whomever this woman was when she could barely hold a conversation because her thoughts constantly revolved around him, when she was constantly waiting for him to pick up his phone and call or text her…or just to simply pick up his phone when she called, reply to her countless texts. He had no right…no right to break her heart.

She did not know when she moved in his direction but before she knew it, her hand had connected with his cheek at the speed of light and with the force of an angry black woman. She had smacked the hell out of him. She didn’t mean to, it just happened. In her mind, she wanted to cuss him out and call him all kinds of bad names but the right words seemed to evade her at that very moment. Finally her eyes bore into his.

“I hate you DeAndre Morgan” she managed to say before a sob escaped from her lips and the tears fell from her eyes.

She did not want to cry, Lord knows that she did not want to cry but it all became too much for her. Before anyone had a chance to say or do something, she fled from the scene of the crime as gracefully as her pride would allow her. She never thought that she would stoop this low.



I appreciate all of you who took time and sent through a message of condolence or encouragement, this chapter is dedicated to all of you. I hereby extend a heartfelt thank you. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the loss of my dad but I’m taking it one day at a time. Some days are okay and then other days are just….

Back to Azania and DeAndre.

Their relationship seemed too perfect and we all know that is not how it goes in real life and therefore I decided to add some drama.

The chapter is not that long and also does not include DeAndre’s point of view because I wanted to leave you with a bit of a cliff hanger. The next update will be his point of view.

To my day ones to one thousand – thank you. To the new readers – welcome.

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