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He usually had long days but today felt longer than the rest. His Monday was definitely a blue one. All the contacts were signed and sent off to the relevant departments so he didn’t have much to do. Maybe that’s why his day felt long because he was so use to being busy every minute of his time here at work. This idle time was not good for him because it gave him time to think. About her. His hands automatically reached for his phone to text her. It’s funny how texting her over these two weeks had become a habit in between his busy schedule but now he would have to break that habit before he made a complete fool of himself. He forcefully threw his phone as far as possible from him and tried to occupy himself with something else. Pulling a sketch pad and some paper closer, he began to design the interior of the restaurant that he and Dre wanted to build. If only he could get hold of the person who has been derailing their plans. He was so caught up in his drawing that he did not notice that someone had been in his office for the past ten minutes watching him draw.

“Nice” a familiar voice said.

Without even having to look up, DeAndre already knew who it was.

“How nice of you to finally grace us with your presence” he said slowly lifting his head from his drawing.

“I missed you too bruh” Anthwan smirked before making himself comfortable in the chair on the other side of the table. “Are those the plans for the restaurant?”

“Yes, I just wish things could get a move on. Since you’ve been out gallivanting, I have been swamped with work and I still haven’t been able to get a hold of whoever we were supposed to get hold of.”

“Gallivanting? Is that what you think I have been doing?”

“Well…” DeAndre replied with a blank look.

“I can feel your shade all the way from over here” Anthwan said dramatically waving his hands in the air. “If you should know, I’m thinking about expending my business so I was meeting with potential investors.”

“You’re expending your business and you didn’t even bother to tell me?!”

“I was going to tell you dad” Ant answered sarcastically. “Nothing is official yet.”
“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you at all Ant, not at all.” Dre extended his hand across the table to shake his friend’s hand. “I suppose congratulations are in order.”

“Thank you” Anthwan said accepting his hand. “But like I said, nothing is official yet. I’m still weighing out my options.”

“Mr. Morgan, you have a call on line one” his assistant said popping her head in his door.”

“Thank you Mrs. Fisher.”

“And that is my queue to go. I will make sure I set up a meeting with regards to the restaurant.” Anthwan said heading towards the door. “Just make sure that you are available. Later.”

“Later” Dre replied before picking up the ringing phone.


Azania had just gotten a call on Monday from a certain Mr. Miller who wanted to set up a meeting with regards to the property that had belonged to her grandfather. She promised her father she would handle all business aspects with regards to the property. Fortunately her schedule was not as hectic as it usually was so she had time to focus on that.

Today was the day that she was meeting with Mr. Miller at some club downtown. No she was not going to the club to turn up, that was not her scene. And besides, who turns up on a Wednesday afternoon? The only reason they were meeting there was because it was the Mr. Miller’s business establishment and due to unforeseen circumstances, he could not get away in time to make it for their meeting. Wanting to get this meeting out of the way, she offered to come to him. And that was where she was heading right now.

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