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Disclaimer: Please don't sue me! I don't own any rights to this picture but these guys are sooo fine! Anthwan in the blue and DeAndre in grey.


“So how was your date last night?” Anthwan asked before gulping down some water.

It was a Saturday afternoon and DeAndre and Anthwan had just finished playing basketball in Dre’s million dollar fitness area which had a basketball court on the one end of the room and a gym on the other end. He was not the flashy type but since he enjoyed staying fit, he spent a lot of money on the “Recreational Area” as he called it which also consisted out of a steam room and an indoor swimming pool.

“It was ok” Dre replied whipping the sweat from his brow.

“Just ok?” Antwhan asked in disbelieve.

“Yeah it was ayt” he responded with a shrug.

For the past few weeks, DeAndre has been going on blind dates courtesy of yours truly. Anthwan was on a mission to get him all boo-ed up with someone like he couldn’t pull women on his own. He could pull women, it was just right now he did not have the time or the energy to go out and meet someone plus he was a bit rusty when it came to the dating game. His real serious relationship was more than three years ago.

He had to admit, physically Anthwan knew just how to pick them. From all ethnicities and shades, the women were beautiful and all of them looked like they stepped out of a magazine. A pretty woman who made her own money, who wouldn’t want that? Pity that right now he was not looking for love, he doubt that he will ever be looking for love.

Yesterday he went out on a date with Jessica Parker. She was the CFO of Bryce and Coopers, one of the biggest importing and exporting company in the country. She was definitely arm candy with her exotic looks and not only that but she had a brain to match and had worked hard to get where she was. They had a pleasant evening discussing business and that’s where it ended. He made a new friend and potentially a new client. There was no talk of romance between them, the spark was just not there. They talked shop the whole night and at the end went their separate ways. Some good did come out of these dates that Anthwan set him up with because he saw it as an opportunity to network. His friend just didn’t need to know that yet.

“What was wrong with her? Last week you said Lisa was crazy, the week before that Britney had some serious issues, so please tell me what the problem is this time.”

“Lisa was crazy. What woman in her right mind asks a man on the first date how much he earns, what he owns, where he stays? All her questions where about what I got, I felt like I was being interrogated. She's a gold digger."

"But she has her own money."

"Maybe she wants a man with more money. Some people get tired of spending their own money."

“Ok what about Britney? What was wrong with her?”

“She’s the type of woman who will emasculate a man. All she could talk about was what she had, where she been. The woman owns an island for Pete sake."

“And what’s wrong with that?” Ant asked him like he lost his mind.

“Nothing until she asked me what I could bring to the table? What could I possibly do for her that she could not do for herself?”

Britney Hernandez was a woman who came from old money and was as beautiful as they came but she had issues. Serious issues. DeAndre was not insecure by any means but a man had his pride. No man wanted a woman who made him feel like she didn’t need him.

“Ok” Ant replied with a deep sigh. “So what about Jessica, what’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing, she’s actually a very nice person.”

“Ok but you don’t exactly sound excited about the date. Were there no butterflies and fireworks?”

“Yeah along with the fairy godmother” Dre replied laughing at his crazy friend. “Man you watch too much tv.”

“Just because you don’t believe in love, don’t burst the bubble for the rest of us. The day I meet the right woman, it’s going to be like the 4th of July, sparks will be flying everywhere.”

“Wait, Ant are you ok?” he asked putting his hand against his friend’s head.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You are usually not so in your feelings, I never even knew that you believed in love.”

“When did I ever give you the idea that I did not believe in love?”

“Well all those women…”

“That is just a temporary situation until my Queen appears on the scene. I’m single and I'm doing what single people do. I don’t want to be one of those men who have a lot of regrets when they settle down. Carpe Diem!”

(Carpe Diem means seize the day in Latin)

“But do you think your Queen will be ok with making you her King if she knows that you’re a male hoe? You saw what happened to Zeke in Think Like A Man II.”

“A male hoe? Really Dre?” Ant asked dramatically putting his hand over is heart. “After all these years, that is what you think of me?”

“Yes sir” Dre replied laughing. “Don’t forget that I was on that hoe train with you.”

“Yeah and you’re not even off the train for a minute and already you’re throwing me some shade Shaniqua” Ant laughed.

“I know you didn’t call me Shaniqua, Antoinette” Dre said attempting to throw him with the basketball but he caught it.

Before Anthwan could make a smart remark, his phone started ringing. While he was on the phone, Dre started packing away the balls, throwing away the empty water bottles and putting the dirty towels in the laundry basket. Just as he finished, Anthwan got off the phone.

“They need me at the club man, I have to go.”

“Ayt” he replied giving him a man hug.

“Oh before I forget, I finally got a lead on the person we should contact with regards to the property that we want for the restaurant. I will make sure I send it through to you somewhere next week.”

“That’s what’s up” Dre gave him a high five. “We need to move on that piece of land before someone else steals it from under our nose.”

“Ok, I’ll work on it all day every day. Later bro” he said before going out of the door.

Finally! For the past few months they have been struggling to get a hold of the owner of the property but hopefully something will come from the lead that Ant has. New projects always got him excited and if it was up to him, he would be have been building by now. Hopefully soon.


Writers block is a pain! This chapter should have been up ages ago.

I know the start of the book is a bit slow but thank you for rocking with me anyway. DeAndre and Azania might just meet in the next chapter, who knows?

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