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He glanced at the time on his watch and it read 22h58. What he was doing was borderline criminal but what other choice did he really have? He has been calling and texting until she blocked his number. Out of desperation he got a new number and kept calling and texting until she changed her number. He tried the whole going to her apartment thing but she asked security not to let him through and send his behind packing. He tried her place of work but every time he asked to speak to her, he was told that she was not at work or one meeting or the other. Once he got close enough to talk to her at work but as soon as she saw him, she bolted to her car and sped off. Anything that a sane person can think of, he has tried. He was at his wits end. He tried to do things the right way but she left him with no choice.

His car was parked across from her place of work late into the night. He knew that she was still there because for the past few weeks she spent her nights working late. He hated to admit it but he had become a stalker. He just wanted her to hear him out and if she still felt that she was better off without him, he would let her go. His pride wanted him to let her go, to stop making a fool of himself and move on to the Lisas, Britneys and Jessicas but damn his pride. How could he let her go when he was surrounded by constant reminders of her? From his kitchen to his bedroom, somehow he got stuck on thoughts of her, of them, of happier times. He missed her. God only knows how much he missed her.

He was so consumed in his thoughts that he almost missed Azania driving past his car. She stopped across the road and it seemed like she had forgotten something in the office as he watched her jump out of her car and stopped the security guard from locking the door. After a brief exchange of words and what looked like keys between them, he watched her disappear into the building and the guard get into a car and drove off into the night.

He was outraged. Azania was being irresponsible and reckless. It was not safe for her to be alone at work this late, especially after what happened last time. He did not blame the man that left because one could clearly see the fatigue on his not so young face, he needed to get home to his family. Whatever was in that building could have waited for tomorrow. The wheels in his head started to turn. This might actually work in his favor.

A few minutes later a startled Azania came to find him sitting on the hood of her car looking comfortable as ever. He could see that from the look on her face, he was the last person she expected to find waiting on her at this hour.

After her initial shock wore off, she walked towards the door without another look in his direction but he was not phased. Today Miss Parker would not leave him on the curb and drive off into the night, he made sure of it.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed and immediately stormed in his direction. "Did you do this DeAndre?!"

He felt the anger radiating of her but he also saw the dark circles around her eyes. The smirk that was on his face immediately disappeared upon closer inspection. He saw that she lost weight and lots of it as his eyes racked over her frame.

"Did you flatten my tires DeAndre?!"

Before he could respond, she walked around the car to assess the severity of the situation before she stopped in front of him again.

"Did you really just flatten all four of my tires DeAndre?!" she asked incredulously.

Like he said before, he had no other choice. If he did not do this, she would have most likely have sped off in her car right now and if he tried to stop her, she most likely would have ran him over. Letting the air out of her tires was just so that he could finally talk to her. He would get it fixed tomorrow morning.

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