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DeAndre and Azania had been texting back and forth for the past week. They were supposed to go on their blind date the previous weekend but unfortunately they had conflicting schedules. When he was of, she had to work and when she was available, he had projects to finish up.

It was a Friday morning and he had finally signed of all projects. He was done for the day. DeAndre scrolled though his contact list until he reached Azania’s number. He hit the call button.

“Hello, can I speak to Miss Parker?” for some reason he felt a little bit nervous, this is the first time that he was calling her, they usually just texted each other.

“This is her speaking” came the reply from the other side.

He leaned back in his office chair and rested his head on his arm. His tie had been taken off and the top buttons of his shirt were loosened a long time ago. Dressing up in suits and ties were not his preference but because he was the face of the company, he had to look the part but as soon as he hit the privacy of his office, his jacket and tie were the first things that came off.

“Finally I get to hear the voice of this mysterious woman” DeAndre said. “Is it possible for me to take you on that blind date tonight?”

There was a pause on the other side of the line.

“Oh Mr. Morgan, for a moment I had no idea who I was talking to, I picked up without looking at the caller I.D.”

“No problem,” he chuckled. “So are you available for me to take you out tonight?”

DeAndre hoped that she would say yes because he didn’t feel like spending a Friday night at home. His right hand man was still away on business, a few days turned into a whole week.

“You are in luck. I’m only working until 12p.m. today.”

DeAndre wanted to ask her what she did for a living but that would mean he would also have to reveal what he did for a living. It was not time yet, he wanted to scope her out first. Maybe if the date went well, they could start divulging something about themselves. So what have they been texting about? Some superficial stuff, DeAndre basically just wanted to see where her mind was at. Through texting he discovered that she had a witty and sassy personality. For one, she insisted on calling him Mr. Morgan like he is some kind of college professor. Calling her Miss Parker was just him returning the favor.

“So I take it as a yes?” he asked.

“It is a yes Mr. Morgan. By the end of tonight you will finally be able to put a face to that name.”

“Finally I will be put out of my misery” he replied laughing. “So what time do I pick you up?”

“Is this your way of wanting to know where I stay?”

“Well usually when a man takes a woman for a date, he needs her address in order to pick her up in his carriage and escort her to her date.”

“Some women have their own carriage and can escort themselves to the ball” came the sassy reply. He could hear her smiling on the other side, it was all in her voice.

“And then women complain about chivalry being dead” he chuckled.

That was the thing with her, she always kept him entertained. He found himself smiling, grinning, laughing and all of the above when talking to her. She was indeed a captivating woman.

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