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She laid in a bed unfamiliar to her as tears of shame trickled down her face. She felt dirty and used but there was no time to wallow in self-pity, she did what she had to do. As quietly and quickly as possible, she put on her underwear and slipped into her tattered black dress that was a little bit too tight to her liking on her curvy frame. It was not much but it was all that she had. She reached for her shoes that clearly needed to be replaced. Not only were they a size too small but they had holes in them. After a few moments of struggling, she finally got them back on her feet. With one last look, she glanced around the room before she walked out of the door.

She kept her head down not wanting to make eye contact with anyone who bore witness to her humiliation. Luckily she bumped into no one as she made her way out of the two story house. This place would forever be burned into her memory for all the wrong reasons. Without a backward glance she disappeared into the shadows of the night.

After almost walking for an hour, she reached the placed that she called home. It used to be her grandmother's before she passed away a few years ago but right now she occupied the space with her only living relative. Her brother Preston. The two bedroom house was dark but she was not surprised because they had cut of the lights some time ago and if her grandma had not paid the house off they would most likely be on the streets. Bills were piling up and they simply could not afford to pay any of them ever since she lost her job. It has been months and she has been struggling to find something else that would put food on the table and keep the lights on. On top of that she had to keep her baby brother in school and off the streets. She wanted him to make something of his life. She wanted to get him out of the system. She did not want him to be a dope boy or a wannabe thug chasing these hood dreams.

Preston was a smart boy. He got great grades in school, he worked hard. He just made stupid decisions sometimes. Like trying to sell drugs. When she found out about it, she was mortified. Here worst fears were coming true. She had never laid a hand on her brother until that faithful day. After beating his behind, they were both in tears.

"I'm sorry Ayanda" he said. "I'm just tired of seeing you breaking your back and doing nothing."

She pulled him into a tight hug as she sobbed her heart out. Preston was out on the streets selling drugs. Not for the latest pair of Nikes or a pair of True Religion jeans but to help carry the burden of the bills. He was trying to be a man. She respected that but she did not want him selling drugs.

"I don't want you out on these streets Preston" she sobbed into his chest. "You are the only person I have left in this world. I refuse to lose you too."

She loosened the grip that she had on him and looked him in his eyes. "We will be alright Pressie, just make sure that you go to school and keep getting those good grades so you can go to college. Let me take care of you right now and maybe later you will take care of your big sis."

He nodded his head and pulled her back into the hug. "I'm sorry and I love you Ayanda" he said.

"I love you too" she said returning the hug. "Just make sure that I never have to whip you again because trust me when I said that hurt me more than it hurt you."

"Somehow I highly doubt that. You were enjoying that whip and nae-nae session way too much."

"That's what you think but I had to jump just to get in some punches with your tall self."

Preston towered over her 5'5 with his 6'11 frame. Most of the time people assumed that he played ball but her brother could play ball even if his life depended on it. That's why he needed to stick to those books.

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