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Chapter Three is done.

I had hoped to put chapter three up much earlier but whatever I wrote just didn’t feel right. This feels right to me. Enjoy :D


It was a Saturday morning and Azania had plans to clean every corner of her two bedroom apartment. Her work kept her very busy on weekends but when she got time she would wake up, wash and deep condition her 4c hair, put a shower cap on and start to clean with some Donell Jones or Tevin Campbell playing in the background. She was old school like that.

Amber had called her earlier to ask if she wanted to hang out with her and Brian but she was not feeling it at all. Who in their right mind would want to hang out with two people who were madly in love and all over each other, when you’re still heart broken and bitter? No thank you.

Besides, she did not want to be bothered with Amber trying to set her up. She tried going down that road but the guys were usually not what she was looking for. She had her preference just like everyone else. Tall, dark and handsome. He does not have to be an oil painting but he has to be well groomed as in smell good, look good and brush his teeth. It might sound crazy but you would be surprised at how many people do not have their hygiene in order. Can the brother at least know how to hold a decent conversation that goes beyond LeBron James and Jay Z? Read a book once in a while, open the business section of the newspaper. Someone who knows when to listen, be attentive and not let it be about him or his needs all the time? Is that too much to ask for?

She had gone on dates with the blue collar worker type of men, the CEO type of men, the brother who is between jobs and the struggling artist. It was just not working. The CEO type of men talked too much about what they had and wanted the Gabriella Union type. The blue collar type of men she met lacked ambition and wanted the Gabriella Union type. The brother between jobs and the struggling artist were too busy worrying what she had and she was not having it. And oh they also wanted the Gabriella Union type.

Right now she was content being all by herself. If only Amber could be content that she was content being by herself. Azania decided to humor Amber and allowed her set her up with a few blind dates. After several disastrous dates, there was only so much that her pride could take. Azania refused to go on anymore dates and Amber was relentless, she just did not want to give up. For the past month she was trying to convince her that she finally met the perfect guy. Azania did not want the perfect guy because she was not perfect. A perfect guy would constantly have her trying to perfect herself. Just give her a normal guy any day.

And that is also why she avoided going to breakfast with Amber this morning. It was much easier to say no to her over the phone.  She was not a push over but Amber sure had her ways to get her to do what she wanted.

Four hours and a very clean apartment later, Azania decided to spend the afternoon pampering herself. There was not a corner in the place that she did not sweep, scrub or polish. ‘How depressing,’ she thought as she got into the bath with her favorite bath salts and oils with a glass of red wine. ‘Surely there has to be more to life than spending your weekends cleaning and doing your hair?’

Just as she was about to take a sip of wine, her phone rang. Without even having to look who it was, she knew who was calling her. Her momma. Only people from work, her momma or Amber called her. Since this was her weekend off and Amber already called her, she knew it could only be her momma calling.

“Hey momma.”

“Hey baby” Ursula Parker said on the other side of the line. “I just wanted to hear what you were up to. Have you met someone special yet?”

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