Jerrek's POV

Today is the day I meet the director for the TV show and sign the contract. If I'm lucky I might be able to meet the cast. I won't lie. This is all so exciting! I'm also extremely nervous about this. I've never acted before, music videos don't count. I was forced into participating in one of the school plays as punishment for skipping class once in high school. Other than that, I have no idea how to act.

I walk to the directors trailer after some random person I asked pointed it out to me. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer the door. The door swings open with a slight creak.

"Jerrek! My boy. Come on in." The man steps aside to allow me access to walk in. "My name is Kenneth Murray. I was pleased to hear that you were going to be joining our show." Kenneth extends his hand for me to shake.

I reach out and shake his hand. "Thanks for having me. I'm a huge fan of your movies sir. I never expected to get a call about a movie, let alone that it would be one of yours." I take a seat on one of the chairs.

"Thanks son. I've heard good things about you and the projects you've been working on. It shows me you can handle what is thrown at you. Are you ready to become a triple threat?" Kenneth chuckles.

I laugh along with him. "That is exactly what my manager asked me when I agreed to the show."

"Here are the papers you need to sign. Your manager looked it over, signed it and has a copy. All we need now is yours and we'll be able to start filming again." Kenneth smiles. "I'm going to gather the cast while you look over the papers."

I watch as Kenneth exits the trailer. I place a quick call to my manager about the contract and send a picture of the signature, just to see if it was a false signature. My mama didn't raise no fool. After confirming it was real, I hung up and quickly skim through the contract. It had a lot of boring words. I signed it and waited for Kenneth to come back.

I looked around the trailer. I noticed a picture of Kenneth hugging a brunette lady. They looked happy. I noticed scripts laying around on one of the other chairs. Thats when I realized I have no idea what this TV show is about. I pick up a script and flip through until I see my character name. It is Jordan, by the way.

The scene had my character at work and his secretary was trying to seduce him. The female characters name was Caroline. I continued reading and found out that my character is having relationship problems and my secretary and I talk about it. We start liking each other and she succeeds at seducing me, which is when a love affair is started. I flip through the rest of the script and notice that the other characters have different story lines but similar outcomes, basically leads to sex. Interesting.

I hear a voice coming from outside the door. I place the script back on the chair and sit down in my previous seat. Kenneth walks in and notices my unease.

"Are you ready to meet the people your going to be working with?" He asks.

"Let's do it." I stand up and follow Kenneth out of the trailer.

We walk towards a building, that was maybe twenty feet away from the trailer. We push through the building door and my eyes immediately land on a group of people. They were lounging around several couches in the corner. A short haired blond girl and medium length red haired girl were holding up, what I assumed were scripts. They looked like they were rehearsing lines. On a different couch was a buzz cut haired guy, showing his phone to a long brunette haired girl. On the carpet there was a long blond haired girl talking to a brown hair and blond haired guy.

"Guys I'd like you to meet our newest member to the show. This is Jerrek. He'll be playing Jordan." Kenneth gestures towards me. "Jerrek my boy, these are the people you will be working with for the show. I'll leave you to get to know your cast members and I'll be back with your script. I want you to get a lot of rehearsal time in today. If we are going to release on schedule, we need to reshoot the pilot tomorrow. We are behind schedule, so get ready to be put to work everyone!"

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