Song is My House by Flo Rida.

Jerrek's POV

My nose has finally healed and the bruises on my face are finally gone. Which means I am back to work on the movie. I've been spending a lot of time working in the studio for my album. I couldn't exactly work on the movie with my face all banged up. 

I stepped on set greeted by Greg and Rachel. 

"Oh my god! Is it true? Did you really have to stop filming because you got in a fight?" Rachel asks excitedly. 

I chuckle. "It wasn't really a fight. I told my best friend I was dating his sister and he punched me." 

"Oh! So is he still mad at you?" She asks. 

"At first he was. Now he is slowly getting used to the idea." I smile. 

"That is good news. Lets go! You have a long day ahead of you." She pulls me towards the group. 

I grab a water bottle and an apple before taking a seat on one of the sofa chairs. I look around at everyone talking animatedly. I could get used to this. Hanging around with cast members and being paid to be in a movie. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if Alaina was here with me. I smile at the thought. 

"Okay everyone. We did as much as we could. Now that you are back Jerrek, we are going to need to spend a lot of time filming the scenes you are in. You missed a lot, so no funny business. I need everything to be perfect. Everyone back to work!" Kenneth instructs us all. 

My character hasn't been intimate with his fiancé in a very long time. He is sexually frustrated and horny as hell. Apparently he tried getting off on his own but it wouldn't work. 

I sat on the couch in my character's living room. Rachel's character walks through the door. 

"Hey babe! How was work?" I smile. 

"It was okay. I could really use a nice long bubble bath." She sighs. 

"I'll run one for you." I lift myself off of the couch and head into the bathroom. 

I turn on the water. Making sure it is set to warm. I pour in some bubble bath soap from under the sink and sprinkle some bath salts. I have no idea what that does but oh well. 

"The bubble bath is ready honey." I grab Rachel by her waist and hug her body to mine. 

"Thanks baby." She gives me a quick peck on my lips. 

I watch as she drops the robe she changed into while I was preparing her bath. She was completely naked. Oh my.. I always knew Rachel was pretty but I never cared to see her naked. Until now that is.. I shook my head, trying to recall my next line. 

"Can I join you?" I ask, smirking. 

Rachel smiles up at me from inside the bath. "Sure, why not?"

I pull my shirt off and quickly undress myself. I slip into the tub behind her. Rachel makes herself comfortable, laying back against me. Ahh.. The warm water feels so damn good. 

In this scene I'm supposed to make a move on Rachel's character. I grab the loofah and put body wash on it. I push her up slightly and rub her back with the loofah. 

"Mmm.. That feels good." She moans. 

I kiss her neck, she tilts her neck to allow me more access. I reach around her and rub the loofah on her breast with one hand and squeeze the other with my other hand. 

"Oh Jerrek.." Rachel moans. 

"Cut!" We pull apart.

Rachel giggles. "Sorry! I forgot his character name!" 

I chuckle. "Someone must be getting turned on. Can't even remember the right name." 

"Oh shut up!" She nudges me with her elbow. "I'm not the only one getting turned on. Don't think I can't feel you poking my lower back." She lifts an eyebrow teasingly.

I nudge her back. "Whatever." I mutter. 

"Action!" Kenneth yells. 

I trail kisses all over Rachel's neck. She turns around in the tub and kisses my lips. I grab her and place her in my lap. I felt her entrance rub against my tip but I chose to ignore it.

"I've been wanting you for so long baby." I say between kisses. 


Rachel breaks away from our kiss and reaches for her phone. 

"Don't answer that." I plead with her. 

"I have to. It's work." She says to me. 

She answers the phone and gets out of the tub. I lay my head back and sigh. I drain the water and dry myself off. I put on pajama pants and pretend to fall asleep unhappy. A few minutes later Rachel comes in and pretends to fall asleep next to me. 

"Cut!" Kenneth yells. 

For my next scene I am at Kevin's character's house. He is my partner at the firm as well as my character's best friend. We were shooting pool in his game room. 

"How is the wedding planning coming along?" He asks.

"I wouldn't know." I shrug.

"Everything okay at home?" He asks. 

"Honestly. I don't even know. We haven't exactly been communicating like we used to." I answer honestly, shooting a striped ball into the side pocket.

"Do you at least get to get laid?" He smirks.

I sigh. "Believe me.. I've been trying. Something always comes up on her end." 

He furrows his eyebrows. "Do you think she's messing around?" 

"No!" I shake my head. "She wouldn't do that to me. She is just stressing. Work and the wedding is causing her to stress. That has to be it." 

"Whatever you say man. I didn't mean anything by it." He shrugs, hitting a solid but missing the pocket. 

"What would you say if I said I kind of cheated on my fiancé." I hit the last striped ball into the middle pocket. 

"What do you mean by kind of?" He raises an eyebrow. "What did you do, stick only the tip in?" He laughs out loud. 

"No. I may have made out with someone." I look down ashamed. 

He scoffs. "I wouldn't exactly call that cheating. Then again.. That's just me. I say go for it! You need to get some, one way or the other. Might as well sow your wild oats before you get tied down." He smirks, slapping a hand on my back. 

"Your sick." I hit the black eight ball into the corner pocket. "Game." 

"It doesn't matter. I regret it and it'll never happen again." I take a shot of whisky with Kevin's character. 

In all honesty. It's not really whisky. It's just nestea that was poured into a whisky bottle. 

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