Jerrek's POV

Yesterday was unexpected. When I got the call about modeling in fashion week I didn't think I'd be working with Alaina. I'm glad. We can spend more time together. Jared wouldn't mind if it was for her school and my work.

I was surprised Jared wasn't going to be modeling for fashion week but he already has a shoot that he didn't want to turn down. It works out well for Alaina and I. I still can't stop thinking about how her tight body felt in mine. When I pushed her against the wall and kissed her, my hormones went crazy! Mainly because she is gorgeous but not getting laid is definitely a factor in it.

I'd never pressure Alaina into anything either. Whenever she is ready is fine with me. I look down at my hands, I guess it's back to using you guys. I chuckle. What? I'm a guy! I blame the hormones. -___-

Speaking of hormones. It was weird seeing Courtney yesterday. We haven't seen each other for quiet awhile. When she hugged me tight, I could feel her breast pressed up against my chest and it brought back a few memories. I can't lie it did cause a stirring in my pants. Again I blame hormones. I never had that problem before. A beautiful girl could hug me but it wouldn't be enough to turn me on.

Courtney and I definitely had some amazing moments. She is also bad news and manipulative. I will not be dragged back into her web. I need to stay far away from her and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Riiiing Riiiing

I search through my pockets, looking at the caller I.D. before answering my phone.

"Hey Liz." I greet boss lady.

"Hello Jerrek. How are you?" I hear her voice come through the phone.

"Just getting ready to leave to fashion week. How are you?" I ask, just to be polite.

"I'll be better once you answer. I got a call from a client and they requested you. They have a couple of shoots they want you to take for a new book or movie coming out. Not sure which one but they want you to be the face of it." She replies.

"What kind of shoot is it?" I ask.

"It's some erotica type of book or movie. Basically just shirtless stuff. Nothing you haven't done before, of course." Elizabeth says.

"Okay. Sure. Why not? When is the shoot?" I smile when I see Alaina walk into the room.

"Tomorrow. The place is pretty booked up with all kinds of shoots happening. So your shoot will be in the evening. Out of respect for the kind of shoot I moved all other shoots during the day and afternoon. So it'll just be the photographers and you for the shoot in the evening. Oh and the pay for this one is triple your usual. Well I have to get going. See you at the show!" Elizabeth hangs up.

Well.. That's awesome! I need that money. I've been trying to save to get Jared a car. I don't mind driving him around but I know he wants a car to come and go on his own. That's what I'm planning on using the money on.


I ate my breakfast in silence while Jerrek was on the phone. He looked happy at the end of the call. Must've been good news.

"Hey babe!" Jerrek places a quick kiss on my lips before taking a seat next to me.

"Hey! Why are you so smiley?" I raise an eyebrow questioningly.

"Elizabeth just called with a job. Apparently its triple my usual pay, which is great news. There is something I've been saving for and with that money, I can finally get it." He smiles.

I couldn't help but laugh because he had ketchup on his chin and his nose. I was about to lean in to kiss him when Jared walked into the kitchen.

"What are you laughing at?" Jared questions. He takes a look at Jerrek and laughs with me. "Uhm.. Dude you got ketchup on your face." He throws Jerrek a napkin.

"Have fun at the fashion show. I'm proud of you sis. I wish I could be there to see it but I have a shoot to go to and it's a few hours away." Jared places a kiss on my forehead. "Thanks for letting me borrow your car bro." I watched as my brother ruffled Jerrek's hair playfully.

It made me feel so guilty. I hated lying to Jared. "Bye bro! Have a good shoot." I look to Jerrek. "Tara is here, we better head out."


"I hate lying to Jared. I feel guilty all the time." I tell Jerrek and Tara in the car.

Tara already knew about us so we were free to talk about our relationship in front of her.

"I know. I do too. I'll tell him when he gets back. I don't want to keep us a secret anymore. I'm positive that I want to be with you. If your sure about being with me, I'll tell him." Jerrek kisses the top of my head.

"Okay love birds! No sex in my car!" Tara exclaims.

Tara knows we haven't slept together. We agreed that we didn't want to rush things until we knew it'll work out. I think I'm ready to be with Jerrek, biblically speaking. I just don't want to do it until we talk to Jared about us first.

We walked in to the hotel banquet room where they are holding this years fashion week. Let me just say, it is absolutely gorgeous. The runway was lighted up and the room had a sophisticated mood lighting and the vibe was just amazing. Jerrek and I made our way to the back to get ready for the show.

This experience was amazing! When the show started all I could think was that this experience and being a part of something so awesome is breathtaking. Life couldn't get any better.

"I know your nervous. Breath, relax, and take it all in. They are going to love your designs. I have to get dressed. See you soon baby!" Jerrek kissed me passionately.

I got so swept up in the moment. It was as if we were the only two people in the world. Jerrek pulled me closer and I immediately felt his bulge. My eyes widened in surprise. Jerrek smirked and adjusted himself. He placed one last kiss on my forehead and walked towards the dressing room.

I made my way to Mrs. Phillips. She had tasks for us to do. We had to talk to certain people about their job and how they became who they are today. Basically just gathering information for our massive essay she is giving us. This is going to be a long amazing night.


Courtney's POV

Ughh.. Seeing them together sickens me. They are making out as if they were shooting an adult movie. Okay.. I'm over-exaggerating but it just really bugs me seeing them all lovey dovey. Jerrek was mine. Jerrek used to kiss me like that and the thought of her hands on him makes me want to rip it off.

Okay.. I need to get rid of these violent thoughts. I saw the FIDM students gathering around each other and found out that they are going to be doing a lot of talking and learning from people the whole night. Which means no name girl won't be coming into the dressing room. Luckily Jerrek and I don't share our room with anyone else.

I make my way into the room and get the first outfit I'm going to be walking on the runway with. The FIDM students work isn't being showed until after all the actual high end designers have shown their work.

Fortunately the models for the FIDM students have to stay in their rooms until it's time. Which means, Jerrek and I are all alone until then. So I have plenty of time to relax or to do other things. I wink at myself in the mirror.

I shrug out of my jacket throwing it on the couch. I hear the door open.

"Hey Jerrek!" I smile seductively.

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