Today's the day. I am officially moving out and heading to my new apartment. Of course I have to share it with my brother and his roommate but it sure beats living here with the parentals. Don't get me wrong I love them but sometimes they can be strict or uptight, depending on how you want to look at it.

I pull up to the apartment and grab my bags from the taxi driver. I say a quick thank you and head inside. I enter the lobby and I have to admit I'm impressed. It looked like a fancy place. I talk to the receptionist, giving her my name and she tells me to take the elevator to the penthouse.

Penthouse? Since when was my brother living in a penthouse? I enter the elevator and press the button for the penthouse floor.

'If your dude come close to me,

He gon' wanna ride off in the ghost with me,

I might let your boy chauffeur me,

But he gotta eat the booty like groceries,

But he gotta get rid of these hoes for me,

I might have a nigga selling his soul for me,

Ooh, that's how it post to be, If he wants me to expose the freak'

I sing Omarion's song 'Post To Be' ft. Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, while I wait for the elevator to stop.


The elevator doors open and I can't believe my eyes. The first thing I see is the giant living room. The couches were black leather and the lighting was dim. There was a small fireplace in the corner and a spiral glass staircase leading to a top floor. Next to the stairs was a wine cellar.

I set my luggage down near the door. "Hello?" I call out to no one in particular.

I hope my brother is here. I know he has a roommate but I doubt we've met yet. It would be awkward if he wasn't and I had to meet his roommate without him introducing us.

I hear shuffling coming from somewhere in the penthouse. I grab my phone getting ready to call 911.

"Hey sis! I missed you." My brother hugs me tightly.

"I missed you too bro. Who's this?" I ask, nodding my head towards the girl who emerged from the same area my brother came from.

He looks behind him to see who it was. "Oh. This is Claire." He said smiling.

"It's Chloe actually." She says annoyed.

"Whoops. Sorry." He shrugs.

She gathers her things and storms out of the penthouse. Slamming the elevator button in the process.

"You sure know how to pick them." I say chuckling. "Still the same player I see."

"What can I say? 'You ain't gonna tie me down'" He breaks into the New Boyz 'Tie Me Down' song at the end.

I laugh at his silliness. Yhup. I missed my brother. I hug him again. "I missed your dumb weirdness."

He laughs. "Let me give you a tour." He places an arm around my shoulder, leading me around. "This is the living room as you can see. That is the wine cellar but we tend to put beer bottles and liquor in there as well. This is the kitchen, don't be shy and help yourself."

"My room is down here through that door." He says pointing to a door.

He shows me where the downstairs bathroom is and then proceeds with the upstairs tour. I found out they have a piano or music room and game room. The game room isn't exactly surprising. My brother has always been a gamer. The place was actually pretty impressive.

"Here is my roommates room and the bathroom you'll be sharing and last but not least, your room." He pushes the door open. "You can change things around if you'd like."

"Wow. It's beautiful bro." I reply, taking it all in. "Thanks for letting me stay here. I would've been miserable if I had to stay with the parentals and endure the commute to school." I drag my luggage into the room.

"Your welcome sis. I have to be honest, a friend helped me with the decorating." He said sheepishly. "If you need anything let me know. I'll let you get settled in and then you can come downstairs if you'd like. Food should be here shortly." He said before exiting the room.

I look around. It's actually really nice. The room had a black and white theme. Come to think of it, so far the whole place had a black and white or black and silver modern theme about it. I make a mental note to ask Jared how they can afford this place. I know we get money from the parentals but not this much.

After putting everything away I make my way downstairs to see what Jared is up to.

I reach the bottom and hear voices in the kitchen. I make my way over and see Jared in conversation with a really sexy looking guy.

The Adonis talking to my brother was wearing dark jeans, a white v-neck shirt and a leather jacket. His outfit screamed bad boy and he definitely looked like he's dropped a lot of panties. He had player written all over him. Too bad player isn't my type.

"Hey sis!" My brother exclaimed, noticing me entering the kitchen.

"Hey bro! What's to eat? I'm starving." I say sitting down next to Jared.

"Pizza and bread sticks." He says pushing the pizza boxes towards me. "I made sure to have Jerrek get your favorite."

"You remembered!" I opened up the boxes until I found the Hawaiian pizza. Mmm delicious.

I look up because I feel like someone is watching me. I was proved right. I look across the table and find the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen. I love how it was my favorite color, green. I couldn't help but think that this guy looked oddly familiar.

"Hello gorgeous." Green eyes smirked.

"Hello to you too handsome." I smirk back.

"There is no gorgeous and no handsome. Off limits both of you." He says pointing at each of us in turn. "Sis you remember my best friend Jerrek? Bro you remember my little sister Alaina."

I was in the middle of drinking when I accidentally spit it out. Can you blame me? I was in shock. You see I used to have a huge crush on Jerrek when I was growing up. He used to come over and hangout with my brother all the time. Sure he was cute then but now.. He is sexy!

My brother pats my back, "You okay sis?" He asks worriedly.

"Yeah sorry. Drink went down the wrong pipe." Making an excuse. "Nice to see you again. I didn't know you guys remained friends all these years."

Jerrek chuckled. "Believe me it was really nice to see you again.. After all these years." Giving me a mischievous grin.

Earning him a slap on the head from my brother. "Off limits." Jared glares.

"Well I'm going to head up and get stuff together for school tomorrow." I walk to the trash can and throw my trash away.

When I turn around I catch Jerrek checking me out. Once he's realized I turned around, he looks up at me and licks his lips. Mmm.. That was sexy. I raise an eyebrow and smirk.

"See you boys later!" I quickly kiss my brother on his cheek and then place a quick kiss on Jerrek's as well.

Jerrek seemed shocked that I did that. He quickly recovered and took another bite out of his pizza.

"See you tomorrow." They both say in unison.

As I walk away I could hear my brother saying, "Don't even think about it." I chose to ignore it and continued to my new room.


The song is Post To Be by Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko. All rights to the song goes to them.

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