I seriously thought all hell was about to break loose. I didn't know how Jared was going to take it and I didn't know how he would react. I held my breath awaiting his response.

"Your what?!?" He jumps out of his seat.

"Jerrek and I are dating." I repeat, flinching.

"You mean this whole time the two of you have been sneaking around behind my back!" He yells. He turns to Jerrek. "I trusted you! You were supposed to be my best friend!"

"I am your best friend." Jerrek speaks softly, as if not to upset Jared even more.

"Best friends don't go sneaking around with someone's sister. You have been lying to me this whole time Jerrek!" He looks at me and shakes his head. "You have been lying to me as well.."

I felt the tears prickling my eyes. "I-I'm so s-sorry Jared.." I hesitantly stepped closer to him. "We didn't mean to hide it for so long. We just didn't know how to tell you." The tears falling down my cheeks.

"I can't believe you guys would do this to me. There is a reason why I didn't want you two to be together. Jerrek you don't do relationships. Your a fucking player! Alaina I don't want you getting hurt, your my sister. I have to protect you from these things." Jared shakes his head, his hands shaking with anger.

I could tell he wanted to hit something.. Or someone. I was scared for Jerrek.

"Jared, I would never hurt Alaina. She is your sister and I care about her a lot. I don't even care about other girls." Jerrek says to Jared.

My brother looks pissed. "I trusted you damn it!" Before I knew it, he pulled his arm back and punched Jerrek right in the face.

I gasped in shock. "Oh my god! Jerrek are you okay?" I rush to his side. "Why did you do that?!?" I yelled at Jared.

"He deserved it." He shrugged. He faced Jerrek. "A leopard doesn't change its spots Jerrek. I know you better than anyone. My sister is not someone you can hit it and quit it with." Jared glares.

If looks could kill, Jerrek would be ten feet underground. I watch as Jerrek steps closer to my brother expecting him to take a swing at Jared.

"I know this can work. Alaina is everything a guy could ever want. She is smart, kind, sweet, thoughtful and driven. She has an amazing personality, which makes her beautiful inside and out. Jared, I love her. I love your sister." Jerrek closes his eyes.

I'm assuming he thought he was going to get hit again. Wait.. Did he just say what I think he said?

"You what?!?" Jared and I say in unison.

Jerrek turns to me. "I love you Alaina. I've had a crush on you ever since we were younger but now that we've spent time together and we've gotten to know each other more. I realize that I love you." Jerrek smiles.

More tears roll down my face. "I-I love you too!" I hug him tightly.

I don't care that my brother is standing right there staring at us. I don't care that he punched the man I love. I don't care. I just want to stay wrapped up in Jerrek's arms.

Ahem.. Jerrek pulls away from me. I automatically feel empty without his arms around me.

Jared steps up to Jerrek. "You love my little sister? Or is this just some game to you?"

"I love her." Jerrek replies, without missing a beat.

I watch as Jared shakes his head. He sighs loudly. "Don't you dare hurt her. If you hurt her, I will bury you alive, deep in the ground."

Jerrek and I's face light up. A smile breaking on each of our faces. Jerrek and Jared do their bro hug thing and all is forgiven. At least thats how it seems. We don't have to hide our relationship anymore! Which means everyone can know that we are together and we can take our relationship to the next level.

"Who would've thought you'd be the one to take his man card." Jared chuckles.

"Hey I'm not whipped!" Jerrek pouts.

"Sure your not.." I wink.


Jerrek's POV

I can't believe Alaina and I don't have to hide the fact that we are dating anymore. I have to admit I was afraid Jared was going to kill me. I got off with a punch to the face. Sure my nose had to be popped back into its socket and have to use major makeup to cover it up. Good thing boss man let me take the week off.

He said the producers saw the pilot and decided to turn the TV show into a movie instead. We get a higher budget to make the movie and now there is going to be more explicit scenes. I honestly could care less because now I can actually take my woman out on an actual date without hiding it from Jared.

I'm taking Alaina out on my next day off. I can't wait! I'm going to make it really special for her. I want to prove to her, Jared and everyone.. But mostly to myself, that I can be the guy she needs.

I have everything planned for that night. I made sure that we would have the place to ourselves. I'm just really hoping that she will like it.

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