I was lounging on the couch when Jared and Jerrek stepped out of the elevator.

"Hey sis! We are throwing a party tonight. Hope your ready for some fun." Jared said, making his way into the kitchen with a bunch of grocery bags. Jerrek following behind with more bags.

"Awesome! I was getting bored sitting on my ass." I reply.

"Fair warning I haven't gotten any for three days now and that's a long time for me. So if you start to hear a lot of noise coming from my room.. Do not. I repeat. Do not disturb." He looks at Jerrek and I seriously.

"First.. Ewww! Second.. Three days is a long time?" I question.

"For me it is. Jerrek and I usually bang chicks on the daily." He smirks.

"Well aren't you two a couple of heartbreakers." I say getting up to get ready for the party.

Ignoring the way that statement made me feel. Jerrek bangs girls on the daily. I'm not carrying a torch for the guy. Especially after seeing him kissing that girl a few days ago.


I decided to wear something simple when I got out of the shower. I put on my high waisted dark wash skinny jeans, a grey crop top and paired it with my black heels.

By the time I was done getting ready the party was in full swing. I decided to make my way down. When I approached the bottom of the stairs I could see a lot of people showed up. Some were already drunk and stumbling around.

I made my way to the kitchen. I took a Corona out of the fridge, popped it open and drank half of the bottle. I felt a pair of arms grab me by my waist.

"Hey sexy." A drunk guy slurred.

"Hi." I replied. Prying his arms off of me.

"What's the rush sugarplum? I thought we were having fun." He slurred.

I ignored him. Quickly walking away and making my way to the living room. There I saw Jared with one arm around some red head girl. No doubt it was his next conquest. I made my way towards him.

"Hey sis! Everybody this is my sister Alaina. Alaina this is Drew, Natalie, John, Courtney, Tom, Melanie and Chris." He said, gesturing to each individual.

"Hey everyone." I smile, looking at each of them in turn. Everyone nodded and smiled. I could see the guys checking me out. The girls however, were openly glaring at me.

"Hey sexy.." One of the guys, I think his name is Chris, remarked.

I glanced at him. He was actually really cute. I think he was the most attractive out of the group. Not as attractive as Jerrek though. Speaking of which, where is he? I look around trying to spot him. No such luck. I turn my attention back to the group.

"You wanna dance?" Chris asks, holding a hand out to me.

"Sure!" I take it and he leads me to the dance floor. Which is really just the living room.

We began dancing to Slow Motion by Trey Songz. I loved this song! I think this song is just so sexy. I turned around so that my back was facing him and started dancing on him. Chris grabbed my waist, pulling me into him.

I looked up and found gorgeous green eyes looking right at me. Jerrek was watching my every move. I wonder how long he has been watching me..

The song was coming to an end when Chris turned me so that I would be facing him. "I love the way you move." He says huskily in my ear.

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