I woke up more confused then ever. I had an amazing night with Collin and then I come home and Jerrek kisses me. What the hell is his problem? He had some bimbo over and comes into my room and kisses me. Who does that?!?

I look at the clock and decide to get ready for school. I chose a comfortable outfit for the day. Black leggings, an off white oversized sweater, black heels and a gray beanie.

I went downstairs to grab some food. I grabbed myself a bowl out of the cabinet. I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the rainbow sherbet fruity pebbles cereal. I swear it tastes just like the ice cream. I sat down after pouring milk into the bowl and ate in silence. I checked my cellphone and saw a text message from Tara.

Tara (Sexy Beast): Morning ladybug! I can't wait to see ya. Major news!!

Me: Morning loves! Lol someones excited. See you soon!

"Hey sis." Jared greets me placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Yo." I greet back with a mouth full of cereal.

"That is so ladylike." My brother teases.

"I think its attractive." Jerrek walks into the room and winks at me.

Which of course earned him a slap in the back of the head from Jared.

"Off limits." Jared glares.

I continue eating my cereal while I look at my phone like it is the most interesting thing in the world. I don't know how to act around Jerrek right now. I didn't know what to think after all the things he told me last night and the way he kissed me.

I still have Collin to think about too. When did life get so confusing and messed up? The plan was to come here, focus on school and bond with my brother. Not get caught up in a love triangle.


I got to class and took my seat next to a beaming Tara.

"Why are you so happy? Did you get some from Kyle?" I laugh.

Tara glares at me before breaking into a smirk. "Yes. I did. But that's besides the point! I just heard the best news ever!!"

Before I could ask what the news was our instructor walked in and practically tripped over her six inch stilettos, causing everything she was holding to tumble to the floor, including herself. It's her own fault. What teacher wears six inch stilettos to class? There is absolutely no one to impress. I get that we are in a fashion school but totally not necessary. Well.. You know what they say, 'Beauty is pain.'

A few students giggled and pointed while a few students got up to help her. Those of us towards the back of the class remained seated.

"Okay class. I have exciting news! Fashion week is coming up and since we are a school for fashion, we have the generous opportunity to attend as a field trip. We will be able to see how people operate behind the scenes and meet some of the designers." Mrs. Phillips filled us in on the upcoming events.

The entire class was chatting away excitedly.

"That's not even the best part." Tara whispered to me.

Once again before I could respond Mrs. Phillips spoke again. "I've also been informed that one of the designers that was going to be showcased in the show pulled out at the last minute, to appear in the fashion week in Paris. Which leaves an empty slot. Since there was no designers available, our school is able to submit designs to be in the show. However, not everyone will be able to have their work shown. It will be a competition. I want everyone to design a few original pieces and bring it to life. The headmaster and teachers will be the judges." Mrs. Phillips clapped her hands. "Okay everyone get to work!"

"This is going to be seriously amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Now that's the best part I was talking about." Tara squealed.

"You knew! Can you imagine our work being in the show! Everyone would see it." I giggle. This is the best news I've heard in my entire life!

"Tell me about it. It could definitely help us get known and help us get our foot in the door." Tara agreed.


Tara and I get off the elevator of the penthouse and immediately end up in the kitchen. What? Just because we are girls doesn't mean we don't eat like pigs.

"Hey girls. What's going on?" Jerrek walks into the kitchen.

"Just discussing design stuff." Tara shrugs. "Speaking of which, let's start brainstorming ideas!"

"Okay. Take these drinks to the room and I'll grab some snacks." I say, handing her our drinks.

Tara takes them and walks upstairs. I open the cabinet and rummage around for snacks. I feel arms snake around my waist. I couldn't help but let out a giggle. I turn around to a smirking Jerrek.

"I've missed you." He winks down at me.

"Ehh.. That makes one of us." I smirk.

He gasps jokingly. "Oh really? So your saying you don't miss me?" He pouts.

"Nope." I say popping the p.

"So does that mean you don't miss this?" He kisses me.

He lifts me easily and I wrap my legs around his torso. He places me on the kitchen counter without his lips leaving mine and begins assaulting my neck.

I lean my head back, giving him more access. "No. I didn't miss this either." I lie.

He lightly bites on my skin. I gasp in a mix of shock and pleasure. He pulls away smirking before claiming my lips with his. I moan into his mouth. I run my fingers through his hair and lightly tug on his hair. Which causes him to let out a moan.

"So that's what was taking you so long." Tara smirks.

Jerrek jumps back from me and I hop off the counter.

"You see what happened is.. I was choking and Jerrek is horrible at the heimlich maneuver." I reply with the first thing that came to my mind.

I mentally slap myself from how stupid that sounded.

I look to Jerrek for help but he's standing there looking like he is about to burst from laughter.

"Okay lovebirds. I'm going to cockblock you because we have work to do." Tara says towards Jerrek, she takes me by my wrist and pulls me away.

Once we reach the safety of my room she shuts the door and locks it. Most likely because she thinks I'm going to try to escape. I'm not making this up. She didn't even move from in front of the door.

"You have some explaining to do." She says looking at me sternly before a smirk takes form on her face.

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