Jerrek's POV

It's been two months. Two months since that day at the hospital. The day my heart was shattered. I could still hear the incessant beeping noise from the machine. I've been having dreams, nightmares actually, of that same scene and I would wake in a panic. My body disgustingly drenched with sweat. In fact, that is exactly how I woke up this morning. It is how I wake up most mornings.

My modeling career is still going strong. I signed with two more brands. My album was released at the beginning of this month. I dedicated it to Alaina. I was worried that it wouldn't be good enough. Surprisingly, it was well received and selling out in some places. The movie is almost done as well. 

Ever since the accident, Courtney hasn't continued her advances towards me. She understands that nothing will ever happen between us. It is strictly business now. I am extremely grateful for that. 

You'd think after two months I would be getting on with my life. Basking in all the blessings I've received career wise. Unfortunately, I'm not. My heart is in pain. There is only one person who could heal it. 

"Can I get freshly cut roses please?" I asked the boy, behind the cashier counter, at the flower shop.

"Hello Jerrek. Nice to see you again. I have your usual bouquet ready for you." The elderly lady comes out from the curtains behind the counter, with a mixed bouquet of red and pink roses.

"Good afternoon Beverly." I smile at the elderly lady. "How are you doing today?" 

She smiles back at me, the corner of her eyes crinkling. "I'm doing just fine. How are you doing?" She hands me the bouquet and places a hand on the side of my face.

I smile sadly. "I miss her so much.." 

She sighs sadly. "Give it time my boy. Go and take the roses to her. I'll see you again next week."

"Thank you Beverly." I smile, turn and walk out the door.

For the last two months, I have been coming to the same flower shop. Getting the same red and pink rose bouquet. Alaina once told me that it was her favorite. Even though she couldn't see it, hold it or smell it.. I wanted to make sure she always had flowers. I wanted her to know that she is loved and that I will always love her, no matter what. 

Once I reached my destination.. I remove the wilted flowers I brought last week, throwing it into the trash bin. I place the flowers I purchased today in their rightful spot. I gaze down at Alaina. She still looks so beautiful after all this time. Her hair was growing longer. The bruises from the accident were faded. While others were completely gone. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. I chuckled when I looked at her red polished nails. Tara must've done that when I left the hospital yesterday.


"I'm calling it. Time of death, two twenty-one in the afternoon." The doctor called out to the room. 

"No!! Alaina! Please come back!" Jared cried out.

"I'm sorry for your loss. You both need to step out of the room. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes." The nurse informed us. 

Jared rushed out of the room. I trailed behind him. My vision blurry from my tears. The horrible hellish beeping from the machine was playing over and over in my head. I can't believe she is gone. My Alaina. She's gone. Forever..

We reached the waiting room. Jared ran and hugged his mom, sobbing into her shoulder. He kept repeating that Alaina was gone. Jared's mom and dad were sharing a three-way hug with their son. Tara ran into me sobbing into my chest. I cried along with her, welcoming the comfort.

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