Good Luck

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I woke up to a knock on my door. Ughh.. I'm so not a morning person. I toss my blanket off of me and hop of the bed. I sluggishly walk towards the door and open it.

"Jerrek?" My eyes are wide from shock. Jared I expected, but not Jerrek. "Uhm.. What's up?" I ask not quite sure why he is knocking on my door so early in the morning.

"Just thought I'd wake you up, in case you forgot about today." He looks me over. His eyes widening.

I look down and see that I'm only wearing a shirt and panties. My eyes widen and I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I immediately felt self conscious. I turn around and search through the drawers for my pajama shorts. I put them on quickly before turning to face Jerrek. Who was licking his lips and staring at my body. I love when he does that. Wait.. What am I thinking?

Memories from our almost kiss last night surfaced and I couldn't help the blush that was starting to form.

"You forgot didn't you?" He smirks.

"No. Well.. Yeah I did. I'll get ready and meet you downstairs." I reply.

"Okay. See you in a bit." Jerrek gives me a once over and turns to leave.


We walk into a giant studio and see models and photographers shooting in different areas. I swear a person could go blind with all the flashing lights.

Jerrek guides me to a room in the back. The name plate on the door said office. I feel so nervous. I quickly fix my hair, hoping I look presentable.

Sensing my discomfort Jerrek turns to me. "It'll be fine. You ready?"

"Yeah. I am." I reply, I'm not sure what came over me. I felt a boost of confidence.

Jerrek pushed the door open and walked in like he owned the room. I followed behind him, with my head held up.

"Honey I'm home!" He yelled.

"Jerrek! How many times must I tell you not to yell when you walk into my office." The lady behind the desk chastises him.

"Everytime.. You and I both know, I'm just going to keep doing it." He jokes.

The lady shakes her head. "What can I help you with? Don't you have a shoot to do? Instead of bothering me." She mutters the last part but I could tell it was meant as a joke.

"I do, but I brought someone I'd like you to meet." He gestures towards me. "She is interested in modeling and I thought you could help her out. Besides you do owe me one." He smirks.

The lady looks at me for the first time since I walked in with Jerrek. I just stand there watching her eyes taking me in from head to toe.

"Hmm.." She walks out from behind her desk and walks to where I am standing.

I felt so uncomfortable under her gaze. She had me turn sideways and in different directions. Finally she decided to speak.

"I like your look. Let's try some test shots and we'll see if you have what it takes." The lady presses a button on her desk phone signaling someone to come to her office.

A girl comes in and the lady tells her to take me to wardrobe and that she wanted me to do a few test shots.

"Well.. your in good hands. I have to get to my shoot area. Find me when your done, ok?" He gives me a quick hug. "Good luck!" Jerrek planted a kiss on my forehead.

It definitely took me by surprise. I couldn't help but blush. The girl whisked me away, I assume we are heading to wardrobe.

"You and Jerrek seem cozy." She states.

"Not really. He's my brother's best friend. I've actually known him since we were little kids." I reply.

"Did you guys ever date?" She asks curiously.

I laugh. "No. Not at all. That'll never happen."

She nods. "He's a great guy but not boyfriend material. Jerrek is more of a hit it and quit it, kind of guy. Well here is wardrobe. We will do a couple of outfit changes. I'm going to send you over to make up, while I get your outfits ready."

I assumed by the way she talked that she knew from experience. "Are you speaking from experience?"

"I think most girls here can vouch for that." She replies, with attitude I might add.

I tell her my size and head in the direction she pointed to for the makeup area. When I get there I see a few models sitting down, while the makeup artists work on them. This is all so cool. I hope this works out. I wouldn't mind being pampered like this as a career.

"Can I help you?" A pretty brunette girl asks me.

"Uhm.. Yeah. I'm supposed to do some test shots. One of the wardrobe people sent me this way." I gave her a half smile.

"Okay! Have a seat. I'm off the clock but I'm bored." She says getting her brushes out.

"Are you sure? I don't want to keep you from anything." I try to refuse.

She giggles. "Trust me. Your not. My boyfriend is in a shoot anyway, which is why I'm bored and have nothing to do." She shrugs.

"Okay!" I sit down in the chair while she performs her magic.

A couple minutes later she turns me around so that I could see myself in the mirror. I was almost unrecognizable. I actually looked flawless. I've never had my makeup look so good.

"Wow.. If I could I would put you in my pocket and take you everywhere so you could make me look like this everyday." I joke. Who am I kidding? I so would if I could look like this everyday.

Another giggle escapes her lips. "Glad you like it!" She beams. "I'm Veronica. You can also call me Ronnie." She stretches out her hand.

"Nice to meet you Ronnie. I'm Alaina." I shake Veronica's hand. "Thanks again! I should get back to wardrobe."

"See you around!" She replies.

I changed into the first outfit. It was a black dress with a see through mesh on the sides. After a few shots I went to change again.

The second outfit was a red and black plaid skirt. The shirt was a elbow length white shirt and it had red stripes on the elbow area. Topped with a red headband.

The third outfit was a colorful printed skirt and a white tank top tucked in.

The fourth and final outfit was a plaid skirt, with a simple white T-shirt.

I changed back into my street clothes and was told to go to the office. I made my way over to the now familiar office area. I really hope she likes the photos.

I knock on the door and wait to be told to come in. I walk in and take a seat on the couch in front of her desk.

"The photos are nice. You have an innocent vibe going on about you. I could work with that. Of course it'll progress into a more mature sultry look. However the innocent look suits you and we do need that freshness it'll bring." She taps her fingernails on the desk. "Okay. Your hired. If you want the job it's yours. We have to find you a manager and agent. Depending on how things go, maybe a publicist. I see great things in your future."

Elizabeth walks around the desk and sits in front of me.

"You see usually this is not how it works in other companies. But here at Statuesque Modeling Agency, we take care of our own. We bring in some of the best managers, agents, publicists, assistants, photographers, makeup artists and even models, in the business. Allowing our models to enter into this world with knowledge and people who know what their doing. Depending on how far you'd like to take this career opportunity, we can open the right doors for you."

I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face. I did it! I'm going to be a model!

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