After the dinner last night, I went to my room to put my stuff away. Tara knocked on the door and we chatted for almost an hour. It turns out she was the 'friend' that helped my brother decorate this room. I definitely made sure to thank her because it really is a beautiful room. We went over our schedules and it turns out that we actually have a couple of classes together. Which I'm glad for because at least I'll know someone in the school, besides Collin.

I was comparing the schedules side by side to see what classes we had. We had 'Fashion Sketching for Design I', 'Industry Sewing', 'Creative Design Applications', and 'Residential Design Concepts' together. I didn't remember seeing her in any of the classes. Tara told me she was excused because she was working with one of the teachers for an upcoming event.

Before she left, we had exchanged phone numbers. I could tell that we were going to become fast friends.


The month flew by quickly. Classes were actually fun and a little challenging but I didn't mind. Tara and I hung out at school whenever we got the chance. My brother, Jerrek and I have a system that works for us. So far everything seems perfect. Let's just hope it stays that way..

The only thing I'm missing, is a job. I should really look into finding a job nearby. Mainly because I'm in need of new clothes. I am going to a fashion school! Plus I want to contribute around the house in someway. Hmm.. Maybe I could take Jerrek up on that offer to model. I never dreamed of modeling but they seem to be doing pretty good for themselves. It's worth a shot.

I opened my bedroom door and walked out in search of Jerrek. I didn't want to ask Jared because he didn't want me modeling at all. I looked all over the place. Maybe he isn't home. There was no sign of Jared either.

Defeated I made my way back to the room when I heard a noise coming from Jerrek's bedroom. I guess he is home. I walk towards his room and notice the door is cracked open.

I peek in and see him writing and singing/humming. Anyone could tell he was in his element. I felt bad for intruding on his privacy. I slowly started backing away when I tripped over my own feet. Before I could catch myself I fell to the floor, hard. Smooth huh?

I heard footsteps coming my way before Jerrek opened his door all the way. He looked down at me, in shock and then concern was written all over his face.

"Are you okay? What happened?" He said looking behind me to see if there was anyone that could've done this to me. He then reached a hand out to help me up.

"The floor was lonely so I gave it a hug!" I said taking his hand, that was helping me to stand without missing a beat.

Jerrek chuckles. "Your weird. I like it!" He winks. "So did you need anything?" He asks.

"Uhmm.. Yes actually. I was wondering if the offer still stands, about the modeling job thing." I shift my weight to my other side nervously.

He looked shocked for some reason. Probably thinking that I wouldn't make it as a model.

"Yeah. Definitely! I'm going in for a shoot tomorrow. If you wanna come we can talk to the people over there." He says smiling.

"Please and thank you!" I exclaim while giving him a quick hug. I was about to turn around when I felt my wrist being grabbed.

"Can I show you something I've been working on?" He asks nervously gesturing towards his room.

"Sure." I shrug.

Jerrek steps aside to let me pass and then closes the door behind him. I look around his room and it definitely wasn't what I expected.

I expected to see clothes all over the floor, maybe some dirty dishes and a messy desk. Instead the room was actually pretty big and clean. He had grey couches when you walk into the door. There was a desk chair, a fireplace that stretched out and a small stairway that led up to where his bed was. The room also had two hanging television screens, one was facing towards the couch and the other towards the bed. Oh, and did I mention that the bed area and top of the stairs is surrounded by a glass wall.

Definitely not what I expected.

"Wow.. I'm so loving your room right now." I told him taking a seat on one of the grey couches, making myself at home.

He laughed. "Well your welcome in here anytime." He gestured around the room. "My room is your room."

"Careful I might just kick you out of this room one day and take over." I joke.

"Why kick me out? My bed is big enough for the both of us." He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

I pick up one of the couch pillows and throw it at him. "So what did you want to show me?" I almost forgot that he asked me in here for a reason.

"I've been working on a song but I'm not sure if it's any good. I was hoping you could listen and tell me what you think?" He grabs his guitar and sits on the seat next to me.

I sit patiently, waiting for him to start. I could tell that he is nervous. I don't know why he would be nervous since he's had a lot of practice singing and dancing in his music videos.

"Keep in mind that I just started this today and it's not completed. So it's pretty raw. I think if beats were added it would sound better. Also if it sucks don't be afraid to tell me." He laughs.

'Ooo, that body's like music to my ears.
Cause what you want is right here.
Oh she, oh she so international.'

Jerrek closes his eyes and continues playing. He really looks like he is getting into it. I took this time to admire his features. He had long lashes and the cutest smile. I can't help but picture his ever present smirk. I have to admit, I find it sexy and attractive.

'The way, the ways she get it on the floor.
I'm tryin, I'm tryin to holler at you.
I want to get to know you better.
Parlez vous francais?
Come and move it my way.
Hey, little chicka from Guadalupe.
That thing you got behind you is amazing.'

I started nodding my head to his playing and singing. The song had potential to be a real hit. I know tons of people would love it and dance to it. He looks over at me and smiles while he finished the song.

'Now I don't speak Spanish, Japanese or French.
But the way that body's talkin definitely makes sense.
It's her, her body, her body language.'

Jerrek stops strumming and singing before looking up at me from under his eyelashes.

"So.. What do you think?" He asks tentatively.

"Hmm.." I put my hand under my chin in a thinking gesture. I look at him and break into a huge grin. "That was amazing! Your voice is just, wow! I mean I think I just became a fan." I replied quickly.

He had the biggest smile on his face. "Really? Thanks! It means a lot." He places his guitar on the bed.

"Anytime!" I stand up at the same time as Jerrek does.

We just stand there awkwardly looking at each other, shuffling our weight from one foot to the other. Only now I noticed how close we are to each other. If either one of us took one step, we would be chest to chest.

"Well.. I should probably turn in." I say trying to break the awkward silence.

He nods. "Yeah me too. We'll leave around 11 tomorrow morning. They'll love you. They'd be crazy not to, your beautiful."

I could feel my face flushing from the compliment. "Thanks.." I say more towards the ground, allowing my hair to cascade in a way where it blocks my face.

Jerrek puts a hand under my chin and lifts my head up gently. He tucks the strands behind my ear and leans in slightly. "I meant what I said, you really are beautiful." He whispers.

We lock eyes for what seems like eternity. Both of us trying to read what the other is thinking. I lean in at the same time as Jerrek does. Are we really going to go through with this. Am I going to kiss my childhood crush? My brother's best friend. We are so close I could feel his breath on my lips. He leans in closer..

"Hey guys I'm home!" Jared calls out from downstairs.

We pull apart from each other quickly, realizing what almost happened.

"See you tomorrow." I mumble, as I rush out of the room.

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