Jerrek's POV

I was fuming. I yanked my pants up discreetly as possible. Courtney was hurriedly trying to get away. 

"We need to talk." I yanked her arm, pulling her to a corner of the room. 

"About what?" She looks me up and down seductively.

"You know what!" I yell whisper. "What the were you thinking Courtney?!? Us acting on screen is exactly that.. Acting. How could you suck me off like that? I've told you before and I'm going to tell you again. I have a girlfriend and you need to stop." My heart racing from the anger coursing through my veins. 

She scoffs, taking a step closer to me. "Oh please.. You know you liked it. You always have."

I opened my mouth to interrupt but she placed a finger on my lips. 

"I wouldn't be surprised if you fantasize about me." She smirks.

I glare at her. "Trust me. I don't. If you are going to keep doing whatever the hell you are trying to do, I promise you.. I will quit this show. I would rather have Alaina than to be going through this with you everyday. This game your playing, it ends now." I reply viciously and turn my back on her. 

Unbelievable. Some people can be so damn unbelievable. How dare she! Courtney cheated on me. Played me. Broke my heart. She thinks she could just show up and play with my feelings and hormones. Yes, it felt good. Yes, I liked the way she sucked me off. Yes, she is beautiful with an amazing body. Yes, I loved her more than anything in the world. But.. I will not allow myself to go back down that road. I have Alaina and that is the girl I want to be with. 

Thinking of Alaina made me feel guilty. I can't believe Courtney did that.. Should I tell Alaina? She is already worried about Courtney and I working together. If I tell her about what she did under the table, she might just leave me. I don't want to hide it from her.. I also don't want to lose her. What should I do?


Alaina's POV

I just got back from another shoot. It was for a winter clothing line commercial. They even let me keep this really gorgeous winter white peacoat with gold buttons. I'm pretty sure the retail price must've cost a fortune! I love this job! I giggle to myself.

"What are you giggling at?" Jared gives me a weird look from the other side of the sofa.

I smile. "I'm just really happy. My designs were featured in fashion week, which is a huge honor! I have an amazing brother! A job that gives me free stuff! An amazing bo-" I pause, struggling for a way to finish the sentence. "Bologna sandwich that I am going to make right now." I lift myself off the couch. "Want a sandwich?" 

"You are so weird.. But Yes, I'll have a sandwich." He chuckles.

I can't believe I almost slipped up. I almost said boyfriend, Jared would've pestered me until I told him who I was dating. I take out all the ingredients needed for our sandwiches. 

"Hey bro." Jerrek walks in greeting Jason with one of those man handshakes.

"Sup man." Jared replies. 

Jerrek looks over to the kitchen and notices what I was doing. 

"Since your at it, I would love a sandwich beautiful." Jerrek winks. 

Jared slaps the back of Jerrek's head. "Off limits!" 

Jerrek and I tense awkwardly. If he only knew.. Jerrek heads over to the fridge to get himself a drink. 

"I've missed you baby.." He whispers loud enough for me to hear and smiles, taking a seat at the counter. 

"I missed you too." I whisper back smiling.

I pass Jerrek his sandwich and bring Jared and I's to the couch. Jerrek trailed behind me. "One order of bologna sandwich, sir." I say faking an english accent. 

"Thanks sis!" Jared replies. 

He turns his to look at Jerrek. "So how was filming mr. triple threat?" 

Jerrek throws a couch pillow at him jokingly. "It was different. I've been told that I'm a natural." He raises his head up all smug. 

Jared throws the pillow back at Jerrek. "So how are your cast members? Anyone sexy you wanna send my way?" He jokes.

Jerrek casts a quick glance my way. "I don't know man. I wasn't checking anyone out. I was more nervous about saying my lines right." He shrugs.

Proudness swelled my heart. I was happy to hear that he wasn't checking anyone out. Then again, he is a guy. They lie about these things in front of girls, right? Nah. I trust him. 

"Whatever! So who do you get to make out with?" Jared asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

Jerrek coughs uncomfortably looking at me. 

"Uhm.. My character is engaged to this girl but has an affair with his secretary." He looks down.

I don't know why he is so hesitant explaining it. He has already told me about his character and that his affair is with his ex-girlfriend. That part I didn't like but this is his job. It's not real. He wouldn't cheat on me, right? 

"So you get to make out with two girls? Nice!" Jared exclaims. 

"So far only one of them. It doesn't mean anything. Trust me, I would rather play a character with no love interest." He smiles sadly glancing at me. 

I smile back. I agree with him but I think to myself.. It's just acting. It doesn't mean anything. Yeah keep telling yourself that. The little voice in my head says to me. 

"Who are you and what have you done to my best friend? Don't be so lame.." Jared smirks. 

"I just don't care to go out and meet girls. I've kind of been seeing someone." Jerrek says.

My eyes widen. Oh my gosh! Jerrek is going to tell Jared now? I don't know how Jared will take it.. Oh please don't let him kill Jerrek. This is going to be bad.. 

Jared smirks. "Oh yeah? Who's the poor girl to get stuck with you?" He jokes.

"Ha ha.. Very funny. She is amazing actually. She is beautiful, kind, smart, talented and she makes me happy." He smiles. "I just hope I make her happy too." 

"You sound whipped bro." Jared laughs. 

Jerrek furrows his eyebrows at Jared. "Maybe I am. So what?"

"Chill bro. I'm only messing with you. Haven't seen you care about a girl like this in a long time. She must be pretty special." Jared smiles. 

"She is." Jerrek smiles. 

"So who is the girl that has taken your man card?" Jared jokes.

Jerrek looks at Jared hesitantly. He looks at me uncertain if he should tell him and then turns back to my brother. 

"Jerrek and I are dating." I answer for Jerrek. 

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