This Is Going To Be Epic!

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It's been a month since Jerrek and I have been secretly seeing each other. I called off the date with Collin. I told him that I wanted to focus on fashion week and that I didn't want to be distracted by dating at this moment. I felt guilty lying to him but it was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't make him ask me out again.

Jerrek and I have been getting closer lately. He's actually a real sweetheart. We've been on a few dates already. He would tell Jared he had a date and I'd tell him I was hanging out with Tara. Of course, we still had to be careful not to run into him.

We almost got caught a couple of times but luckily no one was the wiser. I really hate lying to my brother. I really want to tell him. It's been a month of lies! I hate it.

Fashion week is tomorrow! We have the field trip and my designs will be in the show. Tara's entry was also selected. As well as a few others in our class.

I haven't met the models who will be wearing my work. I'll be meeting them today. Mrs. Phillips wants us to spend as much time as we can learning from the models and designers for an essay she is forcing us to write. Talk about lame. It'll be worth it for fashion week!

"Alaina! There you are. The models for your ensembles are in that room. Now go mingle and discuss the order." Mrs. Phillips, shoos me in the direction of the room.

I'm excited that we are able to choose the outfits in the order we want it presented in. It's kinda awesome! I open the door that is currently housing my entries.

"Hey! You must be the designer. I'm Courtney! I love the outfits. Hope you don't mind, I took a sneak peek." She hugs me before sashaying back to the couch.

"Thanks! Nice to meet you. I'm Alaina." I introduce myself.

"Sorry I'm late! Got lost trying to find this room." A voice calls out shutting the door.

"Jerrek! Oh em gee! I'm so excited to be working with you again." Courtney rushes over and gives Jerrek a bear hug.

It didn't look like he minded it at all either. I narrow my eyes at the back of Courtney's head. I'm usually not a jealous person but she is a little too close for comfort.

"Hi Jerrek." I greet.

"Alaina!" He lets go of Courtney and walks up to me. "I'm so happy we are going to be working together." He wraps me up in a hug and discreetly kisses my neck.

Yeah, like a kiss on the neck is going to make me forget about his long hug with some beautiful model.

"Let's go through what order we'll be doing and fitting for the outfits." I write down what order I want and grab Courtney's outfits for her to take to the dressing room to get fitted. "Here you go Courtney. Try them on one at a time and the person fitting you will be waiting for you to make sure the measurements fit you."

"Thanks!" She grabs the clothes from my hands. "How do you two know each other?" She asks.

"I live with Jerrek. My brother and him are best friends and roommates." I shrug.

"Oh. Okay!" She smiles, satisfied and walks to the dressing room.

"So.. Who is she?" I ask Jerrek as soon as Courtney enters the dressing room.

"She's an old friend." He shrugs.

"Just an old friend?" I raise an eyebrow questioningly.

Jerrek sighs. "We used to see each other. It was a long time ago. She's a Statuesque Model as well. We haven't worked together for a long time now." He places his hands on my waist and pulls me closer. "We haven't even seen each other since. You have nothing to worry about baby."

I search his eyes to see if he is lying. Once I decide he was being honest, I pull his face to mine and kiss him. Jerrek wastes no time kissing back. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me feverishly.


Courtney's POV

I was told to wait in this room and no one is in here. I have more important things to do. I decide to take a peek at the outfits I'll be modeling. I was told the designer was a no name person and that she's a student from FIDM. I have to admit the designs aren't bad for a no name.

The door opens and in walks a girl. I stand up and make my way over to her. "Hey! You must be the designer. I'm Courtney! I love the outfits. Hope you don't mind, I took a sneak peek." I give her a quick hug out of politeness.

She introduces herself but I didn't quiet get her name because another voice called out. A voice I haven't heard in so long. Just the sound of his voice made my heart rate speed up.

"Jerrek! Oh em gee! I'm so excited to be working with you again." I quickly make my way to him and give him a hug. Making extra sure to rub my breasts against his chest in the process. I remember how much he used to love that.

Of course the no named designer had to speak and interrupt us. Jerrek pulled away from me and made his way over to her and hugged her. Saying how he was happy to be working with her. If my eyes aren't going bad, I'm almost positive that he kissed her neck. I sure hope my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The no named designer said she wanted to decide the order of clothes. "Here you go Courtney. Try them on one at a time and the person fitting you will be waiting for you to make sure the measurements fit you." She said holding her hands out with clothes.

Who does she think she is? Telling me what to do. "Thanks! How do you two know each other?" I question.

Apparently she lives with Jerrek. I don't doubt they've slept together. Who wouldn't? Jerrek is amazing! He is hands down the best lover I've had. The way he made me feel and the way he looked into my eyes when we slept together all those times.

I hate her. I want Jerrek back. No one has ever made me feel the way he has and I'll stop at nothing to get him back.

I head into the dressing room. I leave the dressing room door cracked open, hoping to hear their conversation.

Jerrek called me an old friend. Ouch. Well.. I'll show him. I put on the first outfit and slip out of the room. I scroll through my phone for the number.

"Hello Elizabeth. I changed my mind about the shoot. I'll do it." I speak into the phone.

"Courtney! That's great to hear! Are you sure? You said you didn't want to do anymore of these kinds of shoots love." Elizabeth's voice comes through the phone.

"I don't. That's why I called. I only want to do the shoot if it's with someone I feel comfortable with." I smirk.

"That's not a problem my dear. Who would you like to do the shoot with?" Elizabeth asks.

"Jerrek. Jerrek Mikaelson. It'd be kind of embarrassing if he knew I requested him. Maybe I shouldn't do the shoot." I say into the phone.

"Don't worry about it. I'll make sure he doesn't find out. I'll say the client saw the photos from a shoot you did together and wanted the both of you. If he really needs convincing I'll say we could lose the client if he doesn't do it. It's half true. The client is a big fan of yours and really wants you on this." Elizabeth tells me.

I couldn't help the smirk forming on my face. "Thanks Elizabeth!" I hung up the phone. This is going to be epic!

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