"So.. What are we doing today guys?" I ask sitting on the very comfy leather couch.

"I have an exam to take. So I'll be busy." My brother says munching on his donut.

I look to Jerrek to see if he is free. From the looks of it, I don't think he is.

"Oh. I have a music video to shoot. Sorry." He says in between bites.

"You mean to tell me. That I am going to be home alone and bored. This sucks." I groan.

"Well you can come to the shooting with me if you want?" Jerrek asks.

I immediately perk up at the offer. "I'd love to!" I rush out of the living room and change into something more presentable.


"Wow.. This is awesome!" I exclaim excitedly.

"Yeah. It is. Come on I'll introduce you to some people before I start shooting." Jerrek grabs my hand and introduces me to a couple of people before heading towards the set.

I look around and see girls in booty shorts in different colors getting ready to approach the set. This is so cool. I was lost in all the excitement until someone singing caught my attention. I look towards the stage and see Jerrek singing and dancing. He had even changed into a gray suit. Wow.. He looked hot!

"Cut" the director yelled.

"Hey! What'd you think?" Jerrek asks grabbing a water bottle from the refreshment table.

"You were awesome! Love the suit by the way." I say gesturing towards his suit.

"Thanks!" He winks. "I just have to change into my next outfit to shoot and then I'll be done for the day. That okay?" He asks.

"Of course! I'm having fun. I had no idea you could sing like that!" I reply honestly.

Jerrek laughs. All to soon his laughter dies when he looks at me. There is something in his eyes that I can't quite decipher. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." He winks.

I open my mouth to reply when he is called away to wardrobe. I busy myself with the refreshment table. Jerrek comes back to the set wearing a white v-neck shirt and dark jeans with a black leather jacket. He looked even hotter than he did in his suit, if that's possible.

He started dancing and singing the song all over again in different positions and poses. It was amazing watching him work. Anyone could tell he loves what he is doing. Half an hour later shooting has officially stopped and people were starting to clear out.

"Sorry it took so long." Jerrek said throwing an arm around my shoulder.

"It's okay. I didn't mind. It was actually fun!" I smiled.

"Okay cool. Let's grab some food and head home then." He smiles back.


"Jerrek said you had fun at the shoot." My brother states.

"Yeah it was cool getting to see how music videos are filmed. I didn't know he was that good of a singer." I say typing up my homework.

He laughs. "Yeah Jerrek is blowing up. Music videos, photo shoots and a potential record deal. He deserves it."

"You sound so proud." I joke.

"In a way, I am. He's my best friend and I'm proud at how far he's come. Plus we get to meet sexy girls." He winks.

I shake my head. Boys. Can't live with them and can't bring girls around them.


"Hey there handsome guys!" A random girl walks in with the biggest grin.

She was really pretty. She had brownish blond medium length hair and really pretty eyes. I quickly took in her appearance. The random girl was wearing black high waisted shorts, a white tank top and a grey cardigan with red trimmings. Her hair was swept to the side while wearing a black fedora. I could tell she wasn't a bimbo. She gave off a friendly vibe.

"Hey sexy!" Jerrek says giving her a bear hug.

"Where's Jared?" She asks looking around. Her eyes landed on me. Random girl gave me a smile before turning back to Jerrek. "Who's this?"

"Oh. That's Alaina, Jared's sister. She's going to be staying here for the year. She actually goes to your school." Jerrek says, making himself comfortable on the couch.

I can see her take in the information before making her way over to me. "Hi! I'm Tara." She said stretching her hand out for me to shake.

I smile. "Hi! I'm Alaina. It's nice to meet Jerrek's girlfriend."

She laughs. "It's nice to meet you too."

She didn't correct me about the girlfriend comment, so I'm guessing they are together. I finish up the rest of my homework while Jerrek and Tara sit on the couch whispering while watching some random show. Most likely saying sweet nothings to each other. I couldn't help but feel envious. I mean, I did have a crush on him when we were younger but I don't feel that way anymore. I packed up all my stuff and was about to venture into my room when Jared walks through the door with bags of take out. By the looks of it, it was Kung Fu Panda, you'd know it as Panda Express.

"Tara! Hey, what are you doing here? Wanna join us for some Panda?" He says putting the bags of food on the table before walking back to give her a bear hug.

I look to Jerrek to see if he minded the close proximity of the hug but he was focused on his phone.


I look at my phone and see a text message from a number I don't know. I press my thumbprint on my iPhone to unlock it. I read the text, 'I know I'm sexy. But you don't need to admire me from way over there. The view is better on my lap ;)'

I wonder how he got my number.. I quickly text back, 'I don't think your gf would be happy about that.'

I look up when I hear laughter coming from Jerrek. I glance at Tara and Jared and see that they are looking at Jerrek with a what the hell look. I quickly save Jerrek's number in my phone and put it on the table.

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