Courtney's POV

"Hey Jerrek!" I smile seductively.

"Hey Court. It's crazy out there." He smiles.

"Yeah. It sure is." I smile back.

It's about to get crazy in here. I walk up and hug Jerrek, pushing my chest against him, like I did yesterday. "It's so great to see you again! It's been so long."

Jerrek lets out an awkward cough. "Yeah. It's been awhile." He lets me go and sits on the small couch.

I put the outfit I was holding on the table near the door. I discreetly lock it. I make my way over to the couch and sit next to him. Fortunately for me, the couch is so small it allows our legs to be flushed together. Every inch of my leg that is touching his, is tingling. It is more than enough to convince me that we should be together. If I feel the spark, surely he does too. Right?

"So how've you been? What's new?" I ask, making small talk.

"I've been modeling a lot more since the last time we've seen each other. I'm working on an album that will be releasing as soon as I come up with a few more songs. Other than that, nothing much. How about you?" Jerrek smiles.

"An album? That's awesome! You always had an amazing voice." I smile. I lightly put my hand on his thigh. "I've been modeling more. I'm signed up for a new TV show. We are still working on the pilot." I smile back.

"A TV show. That's great news Court!" He exclaims. "I'm happy for you."

"Thanks! I'm happy for you too. No one has called me that in awhile." I half smile.

"Called you what? Court? That's because I'm awesome!" Jerrek stands up from the couch and puffs his chest out like Superman jokingly.

I stand up as well laughing at his crazy antics and slap his chest. I couldn't help but leave my hand there. I felt his well defined muscles under my hand. I looked into his eyes and then glanced at his lips. He must've noticed because he licked his lips. I saw his Adam's apple move while he gulped.

Knock Knock

"It's almost time! Everyone should be in their first outfits!" A voice calls out from the other side of the door.

Jerrek lets out an awkward cough. "We better get ready." He turns to his rack of clothes.

I walk to the table near the door to retrieve the outfit I placed there. I was about to walk toward the makeshift dressing room when another idea formed. I turned to the long mirror and grabbed the hem of my shirt pulling it over my head. I was left standing in my bra and jeans. I was undoing the button on my jeans when I glanced in the mirror.

I caught Jerrek's eye, which made him look away quickly. He mumbled a sorry. I smirked, walking up to him.

"You don't have to be sorry. It's nothing you haven't seen before. In fact, you've seen a lot more of me." I smirk again.

He looked at me seriously. "That was before. This is now. I'm sorry." He turned around and took off his shirt.

I could see his back muscles flexing as he did so. What I wouldn't give to leave scratches on his back. Like I did before.. I chuckled quietly.

"What's so funny?" Jerrek puts his shirt on before turning back to face me.

"I was just thinking how sexy your back muscles looked and how I used to leave scratches there. Many.. Many times.." I bite my lip seductively.

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