Courtney's POV

"Jerrek!" I turned around and faced the handsome man.

I look down at the very noticeable bulge in his pants. I couldn't help but take satisfaction in the fact that I caused a reaction.

Jerrek notices where my gaze is directed and tries to readjust himself. "Sorry.. I.. I'm sorry.."

To his dismay. It didn't matter how many times he tried to readjust himself, the bulge was still noticeable.

"Don't be. I'm flattered. If you want.. I could help you take care of that." I nod towards his friend.

His eyes slightly widen. "No. I'm okay." He awkwardly scratches the back of his head.

"It's time!" The voice calls out from behind the door again.

Jerrek and I make our way out to get in line for the runway.

Alaina's POV

So far tonight has been perfect. I got to meet a bunch of famous designers and models. Mrs. Philips announced that our entries are about to be shown.

"Everyone is aware that the show was short a designer. So as a replacement the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising school was given an opportunity to come up with original designs to be featured in tonights show. The staff and headmaster judged the entries and the selected students are here and ready to show you what they've got!" The announcer spoke into the mic.

As soon as she got off the stage, the models wearing our clothing started taking turns walking on the runway. I have to admit. It was an amazing experience.

"Oh my donuts! There is the dress I designed!" Tara grabbed my hands excitedly.

"It looks amazing up there. Great job Tara!" I replied with equal excitement.

"Look! Look! There's your dress!" She pointed to Courtney owning the runway.

I couldn't help but feel a little envious of the beautiful girl walking the runway like it was made for her. My dress fit her perfectly and she definitely stood out. I know Jerrek said I have nothing to worry about.. But it's hard when they have history and she's gorgeous!

"We're in fashion week!" Tara exclaims.

Bringing me out of my thoughts. If Jerrek says I have nothing to worry about, then I believe him. "This is awesome! I can't believe it!" I reply back.

The male models started walking the runway. Jerrek walked out looking sexy as hell! Damn.. My man is hot! I beamed up at him. Before he turned to go back to change into the next outfit, he sent me a wink. He is the sweetest.

"Awww!" Tara teases.

"Oh shut it." I chuckle, poking her sides.

"What kind of girl do you think I am? At least buy me dinner first!" She jokes.

"Oh honey.. If I wanted you.. I'd already have you." I wink.

We burst out laughing and enjoying the show. Best night ever!

At the end of the show we all gathered around each other waiting for Mrs. Phillips to stop talking to some people.

"Class, I'd like you to meet Alex Mitchell. He is a buyer for many high end stores. He is in charge of scouting designers for the stores he represents." Mrs. Phillips introduces the man to all of us.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. You all have incredible potential and I look forward to seeing more of your work everyone." He grabs one of Mrs. Phillips hand and places a kiss on it. "Always a pleasure Alice."

Tara and I exchange looks. "You go Mrs. Phillips!" We say in unison as soon as Alex Mitchell was out of hearing.

Mrs. Phillips cheeks turn a bright red. "I am married!" She chuckles.


"Hey baby! You ready for bed?" Jerrek asks, as soon as Tara enters the elevator.

After the show, Tara took us home. The three of us ended up watching a few episodes of 'Young & Hungry' on Netflix. Elliot is too funny! He is my favorite character on the show.

I yawn. "Yeah. I'm so tired." I get up and stretch my body.

"Okay. Come on." Jerrek swoops me up and carries me wedding style.

He carries me up the stairs and to his room and places me gently on his bed. I quickly snuggle myself in his blanket. The winter weather is freezing! Jerrek takes off his shirt and pants before sliding into bed with just his boxers.

"You looked sexy on the runway baby." I tell him honestly.

He chuckles. "Thanks babe." He kisses the top of my head.

I turn around in his arms and peck his lips. We gaze into each other's eyes for what seems like hours. This is the first time Jerrek and I have slept in the same bed. We could never do this when Jared was around. Jared had called me earlier to wish me luck on the show and to let me know he wouldn't be home until tomorrow.

I still don't want to let anything happen with Jerrek until after we tell my brother about us. Jerrek leans in and kisses me softly. I breathe him in and waste no time kissing back. Jerrek puts his hands in my hair and lightly tugs on it. I have to admit that turned me on.

I kiss him feverishly. I love the way his lips feel against mine. I press my body against his. He gently rolls us over until he is on top of me. He was careful not to put his weight on me. "Your so beautiful." He whispers.

I pull him to me and continue kissing him. He pulls back only to plant kisses from my jawline down to my neck. He gently pushes his body into me and I feel his excitement between my legs. He grinds his hips into mine and I couldn't help but moan at the pleasure it brought me.

"I want you so bad baby.." He says breathlessly.

"I want you too.. But not until we tell Jared okay?" I tell him.

He sighs. "Okay. Deal. Let's get some sleep." He smiles kissing me one last time.

He pulls me on to his chest and I fall fast asleep.

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