Is That All You Think Of?!?

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Jerrek's POV

"Action!" Kenneth yells. 

In this scene Rachel's character is packing up for a business trip. I'm supposed to try and seduce her again. I swear every scene Rachel and I have together is usually me trying to seduce her and her denying me. Which is completely fine with me. I laugh inwardly. 

I throw myself on the bed sighing. "I can't believe you have a business trip around this time of the year." 

"I know baby. I wish I didn't. Everything is just so hectic right now." She replies, while putting clothes in her navy blue luggage. 

"Can't someone else fill in for you? How long will you be gone?" I ask. 

"No. This is my project. I can't step aside and let someone else take the credit for my work." She places different type of heels and sandals in a different luggage. "I don't know. As long as it takes. Maybe a few days to a week or longer.. I'll let you know." 

I furrow my eyebrows getting off the bed and grabbing her by her waist. "I want to ask you something."

Rachel sighs. "What is it? I have to finish packing Jordan." 

"I just want to know if there is someone else." I sigh. "Babe, we haven't had sex in almost two months now. I'm just really confused." 

"Is that all you think of?!?" She pulls away from me and puts more clothes in her luggage.

"Of course its not! I just want to know why the woman I'm going to marry, won't let me make love to her." I grab her body and bring it back to mine. "Is there someone else?" I ask again.

"Of course not. Don't be silly. I just have a lot of things going on with work." I watch as she zips up her bags and roll it to the front door. "Now lets get some sleep. My flight is early in the morning." 

I remove my shirt and lay in bed with just my boxers on. Rachel lays next to me wearing a long sleeve pajama shirt and pants set. 

Before the scene started they said it was because her character is closed off to mine. She covers up her body from me, trying to stop my intimate advances. 

I wrap an arm around her and hug her body to mine. She lets me for a minute and then pulls away from me, falling fast asleep. I look at her as a long sigh leaves my lips. I close my eyes and pretend to let sleep take me. 

"Aaand cut!" Kenneth yells. "Perfect. Alright everyone take a quick break and then we will start with the next scene." 

I hung out with the guys talking about football and somehow the conversation went to how Kevin hooked up with Amber. He said they had an intense sexual scene yesterday and went at it for real. Of course, they didn't get to the good part since they had to end the scene. Kevin said he took Amber to his place last night and they finished what they started. 

Personally, I didn't think it was true. When I saw the way Amber was looking at him from afar, is when I truly believed the story. Who would've thought? I laugh inwardly. 

The movie crew came over to tell us we were going to do the next scene. We all said our goodbyes and headed to where we needed to be. I took a seat at my desk, waiting for the word to start the scene. 

In this short scene I am going to be working and Courtney's character is going to come in and try something with me again. I turn her down and that is pretty much the end of the scene. Really short scene.

"Hey Jordan, you emailed me saying you had papers that needs to be delivered somewhere?" Courtney's character walked into my office after knocking.

"Yes. I have them right here. I need it to be delivered to Charles." I tell her putting the papers in a folder. 

Charles is Kevin's character in the movie. Courtney sashays over to my desk. She holds her hand out for the documents. 

"These papers are very important Miss Fields. It needs to be put in his hands directly. Not through his secretary or anyone else for that matter, understood?" I tell her seriously. 

"Yes sir. I will deliver it to him myself right now." Courtney replies, smiling. 

I hand her the documents and turn back to my computer screen. I didn't realize she walked around my desk until I felt my chair being turned. 

"I've been thinking about you all night Jordan." Courtney smiles seductively. 

"Miss Fields, what do you think you are doing?" I ask, shocked.

She places the paperwork on my desk and falls to her knees. "I had trouble sleeping last night. I kept thinking about the way your lips felt against mine. I'd really like to taste you." Courtney spreads my legs apart and runs her hands up my thigh. 

I grab her hands and hold them away from me. "Are you crazy? Caroline, that kiss will never happen again. I have a fiancé and you are my employee. You need to forget about what happened. I already have." I release her hands and face my chair back to my desk. 

Courtney's face fell. She lifted herself up and grabbed the paperwork. "As you wish, Mr. Reynolds." She walks out of the office door, slightly slamming it in the process. 

"Cut!" Kenneth yells. 

I go to say goodbye to the other cast members that have finished filming for the day. There is one more scene before the last scene that needs to be filmed for the day. The scene is with Courtney and Kevin's character. She is giving him the documents I gave her in the last scene and he is flirting shamelessly with her. 

I know Kevin wants to sleep with Courtney, as the character he plays and in real life. He would enjoy it, thats for sure. Courtney and I always had amazing sex. She was good at literally everything in bed. The only place she lacked was her personality. I know I sound mean, but I'm just being honest.

I was brought back from my reverie when I heard Kenneth yell one of his infamous words, cut. 

"See you tomorrow man." Kevin bro hugs me, grabs his stuff and walks away. 

Mostly everyone has been cleared out. I would've left along with them but I still had one last scene to film. The last scene was with Courtney. Oh joy.. Note the sarcasm. 

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