You Win. I'll Go On The Double Date

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I officially have an agent, her name is Claire. I also have a manager, her name is Janine. I prefer dealing with girls, especially when it comes to modeling. I just think that women would have my best interest at heart and would understand if I didn't feel comfortable doing other things.

I went through a couple photo shoots already. Elizabeth wants me to do a more sexy alluring shoot next to prepare me for the next project, whatever that means. Jared is finally accepting that I'm modeling now. He even came with me to meet all the agents and managers. Mainly to make sure no one would take advantage of me and that I'd have a trustworthy team.

School is good. Tara and I are practically best friends now. We do everything together. She's been trying to get me to go out on a double date with her. She thinks Collin is the perfect candidate. So not happening. He's a good friend of mine now but not my type.

Jerrek and I have been keeping our distance. I think he's avoiding me. Whenever Jared is getting ready to leave the house, he'll make an excuse to leave at the same time. We haven't spoken about the make out session. Hence him avoiding me.

Riiing riiing

"Herro!" I say into the phone, not bothering to check the caller id.

"Herro to you too, pretty lady!" Tara giggles from the other line.

"Are you here? The shoot is in a bit." I ask.

I've been getting rides to and from places, from Tara. She's like the sister I never had. I always wanted a sister but all I got was a brother. Don't get me wrong, I love Jared. Sometimes girls are better to talk to about certain things. Like losing your virginity, periods and stuff like that.

"Actually no. There's an accident on the road so I won't get to you on time." She said sadly.

"It's okay. I'll find another way. Be careful on the road and I'll call you later." I reply.

"Okay. Talk to you later!" She hangs up.

Now what do I do? I have no choice. I walk past the bathroom and knock on Jerrek's door determined.

"Come in." I hear his voice call out.

I turned the knob and walk in, closing the door behind me. I see him in just a towel rummaging through his drawers, his back facing me. I could see the bulging muscles flexing while he moves. He looked sexy. Jerrek turned around. I shook my head ridding the thoughts away.

He smiles slightly. "What's up?"

I walk up to him. "I actually need a ride to my shoot. Tara was supposed to take me but there was an accident on the road so she's stuck in traffic. Do you think you can take me?" I rambled on.

"Yeah. Sure. I was going to talk to Elizabeth anyway." He replies.

"Thank you!" I throw myself into his arms.

I'm not quiet sure why but I did. I feel him put his arms around my waist and pull me in closer.

I pull my head back, not wanting him to release me just yet. "I should probably let you get ready."

He doesn't say anything, just stares into my eyes. He brings one hand behind my head, not once did his eyes stray. He dips his head down and my eyes shut on their own accord. I patiently waited for him to kiss me, which he did. It just wasn't where I expected it to be. That's right, he kissed me on my forehead. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't disappointed. No, I did not forget the fact that he was only in a towel. I could feel his muscles tensing under my hands.

I smiled slightly, pulling away. "Well.. I'll meet you in the car." I grabbed his keys, letting myself out of his room so he could change and proceeded to the car.


I was dressed in a loose white boyfriend sweater and black leather stiletto boots. Elizabeth wasn't kidding when she said it was going to be a sexier shoot then I am used to.

It was a black and white themed shoot. Next they had me change into a two piece black outfit and white heels. I had to pose on top of a stool. The whole time I was hoping I wasn't going to fall off.

For the last photos of the day, I had to pose on a bed. I didn't think much of it until Jerrek came out of the office and watched me from the sidelines. I couldn't help but keep my eyes on him. There was something about the way he was looking at me, I couldn't quiet make it out. Before I knew it everyone was congratulating me on a good shoot and packing up to leave.

I made my way to wardrobe when I was stopped by Jerrek.

"You look amazing.." He said, looking me up and down.

I bit my lip, not sure of what to say.

"I'll be in the car whenever your ready." He said, turning and walking away.


I was in class listening to the instructor lecture about the history of fashion. Okay, truthfully I was zoning out. I was looking out the window and loving how perfect the weather is. I couldn't wait to make my way out into the warmth. I swear this school is like being in a freezer!

From this window I had a perfect view of the quad of my brother and Jerrek's school. I guess Jared was in between classes or on his lunch. I could see him hanging out with a group of people talking and laughing. Jerrek came out of nowhere taking a seat next to him. It looked like they were doing one of those guy handshakes. I was about to look away and actually pay attention to what my instructor was talking about when I saw a girl approach Jerrek.

The girl and Jerrek exchanged a hug before she took a seat, on his lap. She started talking and laughing with their group. Maybe she was just a really close friend.. A close friend that kisses! She kissed Jerrek and he didn't hesitate in kissing her back either! Now I know why he only kissed me on the forehead. He has a girlfriend. She is the girl he said that he likes. It wasn't me. It'll never be me..

I guess I will go on that double date that Tara keeps trying to get me to go on with her. I take out my phone and send a text to Tara. 'You win. I'll go on the double date.'

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