The song is Anywhere For You by John Martin.

Jerrek's POV

"I quit!" I yell. 

I was currently in Kenneth's office. I am so pissed off right now. I know Courtney likes to pull crap like this. She has been trying to get with me in every scene she could. This is the last straw. 

"Jerrek, what do you mean you quit?" Kenneth asks calmly.

"I just can't come in here and have to deal with that everyday." I point to Courtney.

She was sitting on one of the chairs in the office. If she was a dude I would've punched her. There is no way in hell that I would ever go back to her. I love Alaina and I can't keep doing this movie with her.

"Let's talk about it calmly and rationally. You can't quit. We have a binding contract. You are with us until the movie is done." Kenneth replies. 

"Nothing personal but this is bullshit!" I turn my back to him. "You. Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. Me." I glare at Courtney. 

I storm out of the office and studio. I can't fucking believe this! My heart is pounding with anger. I need to talk to Alaina but first there is someone I need to see. I pull up to the driveway and hop out of my car. I hope she is home. 

"Jerrek? What are you doing here?" She steps aside, allowing me to walk in.

"I need help. I don't know what to do Tara." I groan frustrated. 

I throw myself on her couch. Waiting for her to join me. 

"What happened?" Tara asks concern written all over her face.

She sat across from me on the other chair and I told her everything that has been going on during the filming of the movie. 

"Wow.. That manipulative conniving she devil! I want to roll her up in a carpet and push her into the lake." She says, after talking all the information in. 

"What do I do Tara. I love Alaina. I want to tell her. I need to tell her. I'm just afraid that I am going to lose her." I place my head in my hands. "I really love her Tara."

She sighs. "Oh sweetie. You should talk to her. Tell Alaina what happened and tell her how much you love her and how you tried to quit. Just talk to her. If she needs someone to talk to afterwards, tell her to call me or to come over."

"I will. Thanks Tara. Your a good friend." I smile sadly.

"Good luck! Now go talk to your woman!" She smiles, hugging me.

I run to the car and race home. I'm pretty sure I ran at least two red lights but I don't even care. I just need to see her. I need to see Alaina's face. Please. Please. Please don't leave me. I send a silent prayer to the man upstairs. 

The elevator dings when I get to our floor. I race past Jason, not bothering to say hi. I run straight to Alaina's room and thrown the door open. She was rummaging through her drawers. I place my hands on her arms and turn her around quickly. I place my lips on hers. She responds immediately, pulling me into her. I kiss her as if it was the last kiss we'd ever share. If she breaks up with me, at least I'll have this.

"Hello to you too." She chuckles. 

"I love you Alaina. I love you so damn much!" I tell her. 

I watch as a smile takes form on her face. "I love you too Jerrek."

"We need to talk.." I tell her seriously.


Alaina's POV

"She did what?!?" I scream/yell.

Jerrek just told me that Courtney forced herself on him. How that is even possible is ridiculous. Surely the guy could've done something to stop it. He said he tried but he could've thrown the girl off of him. I know I want to throw her over a cliff or maybe throw her out of a plane, without a parachute. 

Yes. I can be violent if I wanted to. Does he still have feelings for her? Clearly she does. Does he? I need to know. 

"Jerrek.. I need you to be honest with me." I look into his eyes and find him staring right back at me. "Do you still have feeling for her?" I ask. 

"Baby, the only feelings I have towards her is hate." He grabs my hands in his. "I love you Alaina. I don't want anyone else." 

My jaw clenches. I know he is telling the truth. Is it enough? Do I still want to be with him? I don't know.. What should I do? I need to talk to Tara. Its as if he read my mind. 

"Do you want me to take you to Tara? You guys can have girl time. I understand if you need time to think." He smiles sadly.

I nod. "Yes, please."

The ride was silent. It wasn't awkward, it was a comfortable silence. We both needed time to reflect on what is going to happen next. I honestly don't know what is going to happen. Jerrek pulls up to Tara's driveway. I grab the door handle.

"Thanks for the ride." I say.

"Your welcome. I love you Alaina. Take all the time you need but, please don't leave me baby.." He kisses my forehead and I jump out of the car, wiping the tears off of my face. 

Tara swings the door open before I even get to the door. I run into her awaiting arms and sob. 

"It'll all be okay sweetie." She says, trying to soothe me. 

We sit on the couch and I tell her everything Jerrek told me. She told me Jerrek told her about it and how it is killing him because he thinks I'll leave him. Right now, I think I should leave. I don't know if I can be with him. 

"Do you love him?" Tara asks. 

"With all my heart.." I reply. 

The tears on my face have dried and it was making my face uncomfortably hard and cracky. 

"Do you still want to be with him?" She asks.

"I don't know." I shake my head. "I don't know what to do." I groan. "I do want to 'accidentally' push her off of a cliff." 

Tara chuckles. "I will definitely be there to help you with that. I can be your alibi!" She smiles. 

I smile back. "Thanks T." 

"Anytime." She places her hands on my shoulders. "Now look at me. Jerrek loves you, you love him. Are you going to let an evil manipulative she-devil come between the love you guys share?" She asks seriously. 

"I don't know. They have history. How can I compete with that?" I ask sadly.

"There is no competition. Courtney has nothing on you. Jerrek wants to be with you. He loves you and only you. The question is.. When are you going to go home to make up with your man?" She beams. "Oh and you should decide quickly because Jared texted me saying that he might have thrown some punches at Jerrek, in your absence." 

"He what?!?" I chuckle. "I'm going to go save him." I smile at Tara and hug her. "Thanks!" 

"Your welcome! Now go get your man before your brother kills him." She laughs.

I run outside forgetting that Jerrek dropped me off. I could've turned around and asked Tara to take me but I just wanted to run. I had so much energy inside of me. A run would do me good. The apartment isn't far from here. I love the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement. 

All of a sudden rain started pouring. My clothes were getting all wet. I couldn't care less. I just wanted to be in his arms already. I love him. I'm coming Jerrek! That was my last thought before everything went black.

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