Jerrek's POV

The day flew by quickly. I woke up to a beautiful sleeping Alaina and couldn't help but smile. I want to wake up like this everyday. Last night, I was really hoping we'd finally be together. I have so much built up tension but I pushed it aside. I told myself I wouldn't pressure Alaina and we agreed that Jared should know about us before we took our relationship to the next stage. 

Alaina spent the day with Tara and I spent the day at the recording studio. It was actually really productive. I wrote a new song that I am definitely excited to put music to it, so it could be apart of my album. I looked at the time and decided to head over to the shoot. 

I called Alaina to tell her I was done at the studio and I had a shoot to do. She wished me luck and told me she was going to spend the night at Tara's. She mentioned something about Tara kidnapping her for a girl's night. I chuckled. That definitely sounds like a Tara thing to do. 

I'm actually really glad that they have gotten so close. Tara is a good friend and I'm happy they are friends. Tara and I were never a good fit, romantically. But we are great friends, as it should be. When Tara and I were together, it was around the time Courtney and I broke up. Tara and I both knew I was still hung up on Courtney at the time. 

Courtney was my first real relationship. I worshipped her and loved her. One day I found out she had cheated on me at a party. She said it was a drunken mistake but I couldn't be with her after that. 

I made my way into the studio. The lights were off all around except for the corner of the building where I assumed I'd be shooting. The lighting there was extremely dim. I've only had one other shoot like this. Of course, it was only because it was a nude shoot. It wasn't like I was showing my junk. My backside was captured for some erotic book or something like that. Everyone else had gone home and the place was closed. The only ones here was the photographer, the lighting guy and Elizabeth. 

"Hey Liz! What's with the dim light?" I asked curiously. 

"It's to set the mood. The client wants it to be erotic and enticing." She assured me.

"Okay. Whatever." I shrugged. "So what do you want me to do?" 

"Go change into the jeans and remove your shirt." She instructed.

I quickly went to change into the jeans that was left in the dressing room and removed my shirt before returning to the set. When I approached Elizabeth, there was a girl with her back turned to me. 

Elizabeth spots me over the girl's shoulder. "Now that you are both here, we can start the shoot."

Both here? I was under the impression that I was doing a solo shoot. The girl turns around and I'm met with the girl who broke my heart last year.. Courtney. Courtney turned around and faced me. I took in her shiny curly hair and flawless skin. She still looked as beautiful as the day I met her. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Sure Courtney may be beautiful, but Alaina is gorgeous. 

"Liz, I wasn't aware it would be a two person shoot." I narrow my eyes at Elizabeth. 

"I thought I mentioned it. Oh well.. Let's get started!" She shoos us. "Jerrek I want you to stand near the bed and Courtney I want you to stand in front of him. Jerrek wrap your arms around her waist and squeeze lightly." 

This is going to be awkward.. I stand near the bed waiting for Courtney to join me. She slips off the robe I only now noticed she was wearing. She was wearing jean shorts and a laced black bra. We posed for a couple of shots. 

"Now Courtney undo the button of your shorts and expose a hint of the panties." Elizabeth instructs. 

I try to look around the studio but everywhere I turned was pitch black. I turned my gaze back to Courtney and glanced at the exposed matching black laced panties. Oh my gawd.. This is not good.. I'm sure any other guy would be happy to be in this position. Hell if I wasn't in a relationship I would be happy too. I am a guy after all. But I care way too much about Alaina. Besides this is just work. It is my job to do what my boss wants me to do. 

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