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(Jason's POV)

Two hours later:

After wallowing for the past two hours, I managed to straighten myself up and get some paper work done.

My mind have been on Tiana so much that I've neglected to get any work done. So, now I'm sitting in my office room behind my Cherry Mahogany executive desk, typing away.

After having finish enough Financial reports to turn in, I filed it away, saved some extra files I started on the computer and powered it off, before heading back downstairs to cook me something to eat.

As I was entering the kitchen, I heard the door bell. I hesitated for a second, wondering who could it be? Then, almost in an instant a rushed over to the door and swung it open.


The hope in my eyes had soon faded, and my face was fixed in a scowl, when I realized who I was staring at. I turned around and headed for the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned them as I made my way back to the kitchen.

The sound of her heels that clacked against the marble floor came to a halt. I then turned to face her and was met with a frown.

She flipped her blonde hair behind her, "I live here Jason" she said, as she laid her silver clutch on the Crestola marble countertop.

"Fine. What do you want Alison?"I questioned as I open the refrigerator and retrieved six large eggs.

"Geez Jason, I just walked up in the house and you are already giving me attitude"she said as she folded her arms and sucked her teeth.

"Alright, I'm sorry. Now would you please tell me what you want"

"I just came here to see if you are alright"

"Why wouldn't I be Alison?" I said as I retrieved a bowl from the cabinet and cracked one of the eggs.

"Well about Tiana of course. It must of been tough when you found out about Alain"

I paused. How does she know that name. "Wait, wha-what are you talking about?"

"Well Alain and Tiana"

"Okay, wait, wha- how do you know about that?" I asked holding another egg in my hand

"Well Talia and I ran into them at the Bayside Restaurant in Newport. They were having lunch"

At that moment I was in complete disbelief. I had thought Tiana had took a flight back to France, after what had transpired between us.

"I mean, did you not know she was still in California?" Alison asked.

I however wasn't in the mood to answer any of her questions. I sat the egg down and was half way out of the kitchen when Alison grabbed my hands.

"Alison, please. Not now. I have to go see Tiana"

"But wait. Jason, why do you need to see her so badly. Like are you trying to win her back?"

"If anything, Alison, I just want to make things right with my best friend. Now please would you?" I looked down at my hands, gesturing for her to let go.

"No, no. That's not it" she said releasing me, "You're actually trying to get back with Tiana"


"You are! You really don't want to be married. What you said the other day, you meant it."

"Alison can we talk about this later?"

"No, I need to know Jason. Like is it over between us. What was is because of me? Did I do something wrong? Was I too controlling? Did I give you too much attitude? Was I, Was I-"

"Ali-Alison" I grabbed her shoulders to slow down her blabbering, "Its has nothing to do with you what so ever"

"Then what is it then?"She questioned.

"Me Alison. It has everything to do with me, what I did, and I have to fix it because if I don't-" I thought for a second. Then, "I have to make things right with Tiana or else"

Or else what?" Alison asked, genuinely wanting to know.

"Alison we have to talk about this later," I rushed releasing her and hurrying to the door.

"Wait, Jason!"

I rushed out of the house, got in my car and peeled out.

Newport Beach- Two hours later:

As soon as I get to Newport Beach I immediately started my search. First I tried the Bayside Restaurant to see if Tiana and Alain was still there. They were not. I then took my search along the coastline where there's sure to be a lot of civilians to ask around about Tiana and Alain.

The first group I asked were blonde hair twins who were tanning.

"No I'm sorry." One of them said, looking up at me before laying her head back down.

"We don't know anyone by that name."

"Okay, thank you" I said before walking away and approaching a young couple.

"Excuse me?" I said waiting for them to acknowledge me.

"Hello" a woman with swept-back hair and big brown eyes greeted me.

"Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. I was just wonder do you happen to know anyone by the name of Tiana Waters that lives around here?"

"I'm sorry I don't. Baby do you know anyone by that name?"

"No I don't, I'm sorry" the boyfriend apologized.

"Sorry to bother you two" I finished before walking away.

For the next couple of hours I continued to ask around, going from stranger to stranger and was about to give up for the day when a young woman who look to be in her mid twenties approached me near the ocean where I sat in the sand and spoke.

"Allô," she said.

I looked up, blocking my eyes from the sun. "Pardon me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just I heard you was looking for Tiana Waters"

"Yes I was. Do you know her?" I asked, quickly standing up.

"Oui. Je viens de France. Tiana est le plus célèbre, le plus branché du concepteur de la mode là-bas."

"I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying. How do you know Tiana?"

"Oh, again I apologize. I don't personally know Tiana Waters, but I do know of her. See I'm from France and she's very famous out there. Anyhow, I happen to know exactly where she stay"

"That's terrific!"

"Oui, she stays in Harborview Hills in the Corona del Mar"

I instantly take her hands and shake it, before rushing away.


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