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(Jason's POV)

I sped through the streets of Malibu, rushing to get to momma waters house, hoping Tiana be there; I refuse to have Tiana walk out of my life, again.

Cars honking, people yelling from their car Windows as I exceeded the speed limit, grazing nearby cars and bringing others to a screeching halt. I didn't want the disruptions, but I had to get to Tiana; I don't know why, but something tells that she will be heading back to France soon if not today, than tomorrow, so it's crucial that I get to her today or she'll be out of my life tomorrow. I cannot lose her, again.

Soon I make it to Tiana's family home. Not half by the house, and I take my key's out of the ignition and Sprint to the door. Banging on the door, I was now calling out to her, once again disrupting the peace neighborhood.

"Tiana!Tiana! Please open up the door! Let me fix this! Please!"

After a few more seconds, the door swung open revealing a tall built man, Tiana's father.

"Jason?" He said, "son what are you doing here?" He questioned,

"Dad! Is Tiana home? I really need to talk to her. Please" I begged.

"No son, she's not here" he answered, "did something happened?" He asked

Damn it, why isn't she here, I thought. "I- I have to go" I said as I started to rush off.

"Did something happen?" Mr. Waters repeated,

"Yes" I shouted, "and I have to fix it" I finished, before getting in my car and speeding off.

The ladies neighborhood is hours away, if Tiana was leaving today, I would never make in time. I pulled my car over and dialed Maya's number first.


"Jason?" She said,

"Maya is Tiana over there"

"Oh boy, what did you do now, Jason?" She asked,

"Look is she over there or not, I do not have the time for this"

"Alright Jason, relax. And to answer your question, No, no she is not here, why?" She questioned. I quickly hung and dialed Catalina's number.


"Cati' is Tiana there?"

"No she's not here Jason. Is everything alright?" She asked,

Damn it! I hung up and dialed Layla's number.

"What's up Jason?" She asked,

"Layla please tell me Tiana is over there"

"She's not Jason, why? What's wrong?"

Please do not tell me she left already. Where is she?!

An Hour Later:

I've been driving all around trying think of places Tiana would visit; I've tried beach to see if she was at our spot. I've even tried the Tea House, thinking she maybe went back there to see me. She wasn't at either one. She wasn't at any of our old spots. I was completely discouraged and heart broken; I have nowhere else to look. She may actually be gone. She may actually be out of my life for good.

For an hour or so longer, I continued to drive around, not in a hurry to get home. Alison has been calling me nonstop for the past hour. I don't have time to think about her, when I'm not sure whether or not my best friend is lost to me. I have to go another round. I have to find Tiana.

When I returned home after driving around for four more hours, I was met with Alison in the living room with the lights off, in a crouching posture with her fist in her palm. I don't have time for this, I thought to myself as I walked into the living room.

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