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(Tiana's POV)

I had just gotten out of the shower, and was fussing with my hair, looking in the mirror with a towel wrapped around me. Alain stood with me and had his arm's around my waist.

After having spent two hours or so in the pool, now 12 O'clock, Alain and I decided to go out for lunch.

"Any ideas on where to eat?" Alain asked, looking at me through the mirror.

"I was thinking maybe go somewhere different, a restaurant I've never been to"

"We should look up a few places" Alain suggested.

"Yeah exactly" I agreed, as I continued to fuss with my hair. I groaned, "So much hair! What should I do?" I questioned to no one in particular. "I have no idea"

Alain looked at me through the mirror and smiled, "It's beautiful just like that" he complimented.

"You think?" I questioned,

"Yes, it's perfect. Blow dry it and wear it wild,"

"Hmm" I thought for a second, "yeah It is kind of cute. Alright, Mr. Devereaux, you win"

Alain smiled, "Parfait" he said, " I'll go look up some places while you tend to your hair" he then finished, before kissing me on my neck and retreating to the bedroom.

When I finished blow drying my hair, I went into to bedroom. Alain was still surfing the web. I went over to where he is and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"So did you find a restaurant?" I asked. Alain kissed my hands

"How about this place?" He said, handing me the IPad.

"Hmm, Bayside Restaurant" I took the IPad and started scrolling down the web menu.

"And the prices aren't bad at all" Alain said pointedly.

"And they have wine!" I shrieked.

Alain chuckled, "and they have wine" he repeated.

"Okay I am sold. We are so going there"

"Alright let's get dressed" Alain finished before getting up and walking out of my room.

Bayside Restaurant. 900 Bayside Dr, Newport Beach, California:

A valet took my car and went to parked it.

When Alain and I entered the restaurant, we were in awe. The ambiance of the restaurant was so elegant and classy.

"Oh my goodness, Alain. This place is beautiful" I gawked.

"So I guess I made the right decision then, huh?"

I smiled, "we'll see."

When the hostess came over, Alain requested and outdoor seating for us.

"A moment sir" she said before walking away. Alain and I waited patiently at the entrance.

Five minutes later, the hostess returned and motioned us to follow her, "right this way" she said.

As soon as we was seated, I was taken aback by the breathtaking view of the bay.

"Oh wow, Alain. This view is beautiful"

"Better than Cannes ocean view?" Alain asked jokingly

"Don't be crazy now. It does not even compare"

"Pas même la moindre" he responded. We both chuckled.

Just then, the waitress comes over to our table and hands us a menu.

"Hello, I am Laura and I will be your server today"

"Hello" I greeted.

"This is our first time here, so do you have any recommendations?" Alain asked, taking the lead which was very impressive.

"Well I've only just started working here, so I do not. I'm sorry"

"It's okay. Sweetheart you want to order first?" Alain asked, looking up from his menu.

"Um, alright. Lets see for starters" I took a moment to read the menu. "I would like to try the Crab Cake and a glass of Citra Pinot Grigio. Babe your turn"

"Alright let's see. Um I'll have Crab Cake as well, and to drink, I'll have Hob Nob Pinot Noir"

The waitress nodded her head and wrote our orders down. "Alright. Will be back with you in a moment" she said before walking away.

As we waited for our starters, Alain and I took in the view, holding each others hands and looking out into a distance.

"Its beautiful isn't it?" Alain and I hear all of a sudden out of nowhere. When we turn around I see a Caucasian woman with blues eyes and flaxen ash-blonde hair.

"Yes" I answered, "it is"

The lady smiled and extended her hands, "hello I'm Talia" she greeted.

"Tiana" I said shaking her hands.

"Nice to meet you"

"Likewise" I said before looking over at Alain and introducing him.

"How are you?" he said shaking her hands.

"Hello" she smiled, "Oh excuse me. I didn't mean to interrupt your date"

"No it's fine" Alain assured, "we're still waiting for our meal so"

"Talia where..." someone said out of nowhere

When I looked in the direction in which the voice came from, I was shocked to see a familiar face.

Then, "Oh allow me to introduce my sister...."

"Alison" I interrupted, "yes I know her. Jason's Fiancee"

Talia simultaneously looked at Alison and I. "Talia this is Tiana the woman I told you about. Jason's best friend and Ex girlfriend"

I mentally rolled my eyes. "Yeah, well that was a long time ago" I made known to ease the slight tension I sense.

"Sure" Alison responded with slight sarcasm, giving me the most fake smile I've ever seen.

"Well then" Talia said, clapping her hands, "we'll just have seat over there"

"I'm sorry and who are you?" Alison asked, looking at Alain.

"Alain" he answered, " Tiana's boyfriend"

"Oh!" Alison exclaimed in shock, "I'm sorry. I-I didn't know"

Alain put his hands up, "it's fine. Don't worry about it" he said, "now if you don't mind." Alain takes my hands and said, "we're on a date, so..."

"Oh right! I'm sorry. Excuse me" Alison finished before walking over to her sister and down.

"Out of all people" I said once Alain and I resumed our date.

"Let just pretend she's not here. It's just you and me" he smiled, holding my hands.

I smiled, nodded my head, and said, "Hell nonexistent."

We chuckled, "Exactly" Alain smiled.

"But wait. Did she give me attitude earlier?"

Alain shook his head, "sweetheart" he started, "Don't even entertain that" I side-eyed him. "It's not important" he said, before kissing me on my hands, "relax."

"Sorry for the wait" I server finally appeared with our starters.

"alright Crab Cakes...."

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