Cannes, France

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(Tiana's POV)

"Merveilleux ont maintenant mon assistant dire aux dames qu'ils seront modélisent mes vêtements à Paris dans quelques semaines. Très bien merci au revoir pour l'instant"

I just got finished telling my good friend who helps with the orchestrating of Tiana's Fashion Shows to remind the ladies that they will be modeling in Paris in a couple of weeks.

My name is Tiana Waters. I'm a fashion designer as you all know. I was born in California, particularly Malibu. I had moved to France five years ago, initially to study abroad. Not to soon after I bought a small boutique and began displaying my brand. I'm not new to this sewing thing-Sixteen in California I was already making full set attires wearing them at school or wherever else to advertise my brand.

Now twenty-six I'm very successful and well known in France catching eyes of many well known fashion designers such as, Kate Spade, Donna Karen, Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada along with others that I won't be mentioning at this moment as I should be packing and heading to California in the next hour or so.

I haven't been home in over four years, the occasional communication has been over FaceTime. However, recently I've been wanting to see my friends and family in person and decided on a vacation away from all this work and I say it's about time.

I decided to book a flight for 3:00 A. M. It'll be 3:00 P.M over there, when I get there being that the flight will last for twelve hours. Even flying first class, twelve hours will be a drag, one in which I'm so not looking forward to.

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