The Decision

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(Tiana's POV)

"I never asked for this!" I exclaimed as Alain held me in his arms and comfort me. "This is not what I came back for. I came here for my friends and family, not to be caught up in some love war"

"Je suis désolé, Tiana. I should have never insisted that you talk to him. I just thought you needed closure"

"And I do, but he won't let me." I said as tears started to take form, "I mean after all this time, he choose now to come after me." I continued, standing up and turning to face Alain. "He has some fucking nerves."

I started pacing back and forth. "No, you know what it is? He see that I move on and now he's trying to snake his way back in my life with his sneaky ass" I retorted sharply.

Tears started to well up once more. "I can't fucking believe him" I cried. You could of swore I was bipolar. Once again I found myself in Alain's arms, crying into his shirt, as he held me.

"Why won't he just let me go Alain?" I questioned in muffled voice.

"I don't know. I'm not him. I wasn't there, but I do know who you are. You're a beautiful young woman with a kind and fragile heart. I know you bring everyone joy and happiness with your warm and bright presence"

I chuckled. "Yeah right" I said in disbelief.

"I'm being honest, Tiana. I mean just your beautiful bright smile brightens everyone's day; here or at work. Since I'm being honest, you know I love my job.

I had wipe my tears away. "I do" I said sitting up and looking at him.

"And the other employees, we're like a family and I love each and every one of them, but... when you are not there with us I feel lost and empty"

"I didn't know that Alain, I'm sorry."

"Maybe that's how Jason feel, lost and empty without you."

"Well if he does it will be all his fault. God I'm so over this" I said as I wiped my tears away. And I.was; I didn't want to cry any more, I didn't want to hurt. I was so angry. I hated how Jason still affected me. Jason will not leave me alone, he will not stop. He didn't want me to be over him and he hated that I had moved on.

I waited for him all these years; I put my love life on hold for that man. I waited and waited, and he didn't fight to come back to me. Instead, Jason moved on and settled; Proposed to another woman and got engaged. And then, he forgot about me. It's only when I told him that I was moving on, did he decided to fight for me.

Now I have in front of me, this sweet, caring, kind hearted, beautiful man, who waited for years for me, who now have me, and Jason is trying to break us up.Alain continued to hold me. How dare he.

I looked up at Alain. Tears started falling heavily once more as I stared into his eyes. I covered my face. "I'm so sorry about all of this. Jason is going to try to break us up. I'm so sorry"

"Hey. Look at me Tiana" he said taking my hands and locking eyes with me. "Baby, I love you, okay. I waited five years for you, and now that I have you, I'll be damm, if I don't fight for you. And even if it is a losing battle, I'll still fight"

"Wait..." I muttered. What is he trying to say. "What do you mean a losing battle. Alain?"

"Tiana..." he paused. "You two have a history. You were together for along time, and it's not hard to tell, that this man still owns your heart"


"At the end, I will lose. I know that"

"Why...why would you say that?" I responded.Why was he talking like that. Why would he think such thing. "Jason and I have history, Alain, yes, but we were over years ago" I said.

"physically yes, " Alain responded, "but emotionally, you're not and deep in your heart, you know that"

I slowly eased away from him and stood up."I don't want to talk about this anymore." I said. Slowly pacing back and forth.

"Tiana I know you don't want to believe it-" Alain started, standing up and inching towards me.

"I don't believe it 'cause it's not true!" I retorted, cutting him off.

"Tiana I know-"

Before Alain could finish his sentence, I quickly walk towards him, cupped his face and started kissing him passionately.

I'm so over people telling me how I feel. Jason and I do have history, and maybe he does own my heart, and maybe someday we will be in each others life again, but for now, I'm choosing Alain; he's my man, and he will remain that for as long as I want him to. I known him and have loved him as a friend for all these years. And now... Maybe I should just love him a little bit more than that.

I eased away from him and gazed into his eyes. I watched as he stared into me, as if he was searching for answers.

"It's whatever you want" he then said.

I smiled and nodded my head. "I want us to go home.

Alain returned the smile and said, "okay. Lets go home." I smiled.


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