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(Jason's POV)

I've been going through my closet all day, looking for Tiana's and I Memory Book. I hadn't left my home all day.

I found the plastic container that held the memory book the deep left corner of the closet and retrieved the pale blue fabric covered Album; I remembered Tiana telling me the color symbolized in her words "our first flush of love" There's also Metallic Monogram inscribed with initials TJsL that stands for Tiana and Jason's Love
Inside the Album, there are Moroccan tile pattern pages from pale blue hue to dark blue to symbolize our friendship evolution.

In the living room I sat on the couch leafing through our memories and reminiscing. On the first few pages were Tiana and I as babies; one of the picture shows us holding each other. The next few pictures shows us enjoying one another; building a sand castle, playing in the park, and a sandbox.

As I continued to look through these photos, it was as if what used to Tiana's and I whole world was slowly collapsing before me. How did we came from being the world to one another to us being not in each others world at all? How did we get to this place?

The more I talk and thought about such things, the more I realize that I was starting to sound like a broken record. All these questions, I've already asked myself about a million times, and every time, the answers fell on me. Tiana have kept our promise; she had waited for six for me to come to my damn sentence and go after her, and reclaim us, but I didn't. I forgot or promise and just moved on, got engaged, and just forgot about her, about us...

Now, I may be too late. It's possible that I might have already lost. It was as if someone took a thousand daggers and thrust them into my chest and twisted it. At that very moment, I felt a sense of excruciating pain and lost.

With every turn of a page, I could feel myself slowly breaking down. Tears that started to form in the corners of my eyes just a moment ago, soon turned into twin streams, staining every page as I turned them.

I don't want to lose Tiana. I don't, I can't. What am I without her? She was, is my whole world.

I couldn't have fallen apart any quicker, before the book was across the room, and I was collapsed on the floor, screaming as tears fell uncontrollably.

What has happened to us...

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