I Remember

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(Jason's POV)

I couldn't believe it.Was I seeing things? Is that actually Tiana? I took a moment to take it all in. I hadn't seen or spoken to Tiana in over six years. When she left for France everything changed, we became distant. She tried to remain in touch, but I didn't let her. I was so angry at her for leaving me, that I wanted her to pay. *chuckled. Talk about 'Bestfriend Of The Year' Anyways, the longer I remained angry at her the less she tried to keep in touch next thing I know we were no longer in each others life. You can say we became nothing more, but a distant memory for each other.


"How are you Jason?"  She asked as I slowly approached her. Once I made it over to her, I just stared. Take her all in. God she was just as beautiful as I remembered. Smooth Dark skin, long dark brown hair, beautiful  almond brown eyes that had me staring into our lifetime. 

"You look well."

I know she was talking to me, but all I was thinking about was what we used to be. We were inseparable, by the time we were out of the womb.

I wanted to tell her I'm glad to see her and how much I missed her, but I couldn't fix my mouth say that, instead what came out of my mouth was,

"What are you doing here, why are you here?"

From her face expression, I can tell she was taken aback. I was shocked as well. Why was I being that way. I'm happy she is here, so why doesn't it show?

"Well. I miss my friends and family, so I-"

"After six years, Tiana? Really?"

"I know it's been along time Jason, but-"

"But what? So, what happened. Are you having trouble with your boutique? Came back to find some inspiration?"

"No! Why are you talking to me like that?"

"Why! Seriously? What you came back after six years expecting open arms from me and then poof best friends again. Sorry It doesn't work like that, Tiana. My world do not revolve around you."

"Im highly aware of that! Jason! And all that after six years crap. I don't remember that being my fault. I kept in touch with the ladies, my family. I tried to keep in touch with you. YOU WOULDN'T LET ME!! So stop pretending, alright, Cooke."

Tiana, then abruptly bumped pass me and stormed to the door.

"And congratulations on your fucking engagement. You and I 'til the end my ass."

With that Tiana was gone. Did she just said...engagement. I quickly retorted to anger. HOW THE HELL DID SHE KNOW ABOUT THE ENGAGEMENT!!!!! I looked to the ladies.

"You all want to tell how In The Hell did Tiana knew about my engagement?"

"The hell does it matter Jason." Maya started.

"You already ran her off with your inconsiderate ass she has feelings, just like the rest of us. You've been harboring so much anger towards her that you have failed to remember, at one point you two actually meant the world to each other. So she moved to France to pursue her dreams, so what. You had the nerve to give her the ultimatum, France or You. Now what if she had did that to you?"


"Exactly. Can you just please go. I have to call Tiana"

"We'll go looking for her" Layla said before leaving the condo with Catalina. I too left out of door.

Okay I wasn't necessarily proud of how I handled Tiana. I wasn't. Maya was right I was still angry at Tiana for leaving me. I was selfish for having her choose between me or her dreams I just didn't want to lose her. Yeah redundant, I know, because I lost her anyways.

But, still, I could have handled things differently...

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