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(Jason's POV)

When I get in the house, I called out to Alison. I wanted to introduce her to Tiana.

"Babe are you home?"

"In the kitchen!" Alison responded.

I grabbed Tiana's hands and led her to the kitchen.

"Oh My God, Jason your home is beautiful!"

Tiana gawked as we continued to walk. I put my index finger up to my lips, signalling her to be quiet. I wanted to surprise my fiancee. I hadn't really talk much about Tiana to her, but the little I did say about her, Alison was eager to meet her if the opportunity ever presented itself.

When we get to the kitchen, I hid Tiana behind me and said to Alison, "babe I want you to meet someone"

Alison was stirring her coffee, when she turned around to see what the surprise was.

"Babe, this is Tiana Waters, my bestfriend"

"Hello" Tiana said, extending her hands.Alison puts down her mug and shakes Tiana's hands.

"Oh My God. It's so good to meet you. Jason told me a lot about you"

"Its a pleasure meeting you Alison"

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Lets go have a seat in the living room." Alison said. Tiana and I followed behind Alison.

Once in the living room, Tiana and Alison took a seat next to each other, while I took a seat across frome them. When everyone was comfortably situated, Alison started in with questions, from Tiana's and

I friendship all the way to Tiana's life in France.

"So what's it like in Cannes?" Alison asked.

"Long version or short version?" Tiana questioned.

"It doesn't matter, really" Alison said excitedly, "so...."

Tiana, then goes on to speak. "Okay well, The city of Cannes is an intriguing mix of loud and quiet. I mean there is a constant sound of The rotary blades of helicopters chugging across the azure Baie des Anges that's one reason its loud. Also, Theres always a bustle of shoppers, sightseers and street performers along the celebrated Croisette"

"Croisette?" Alison questioned. Tiana then went on to explain.

"Oh, the La Croisette is a prominent road in Cannes, France." Tiana answered. " It stretches along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. I think its about 2 km long."

"Ooh how fascinating. Okay Please continue"

I looked at Alison. I thought she was a little too interested. "Babe, your a little too excited" I let out a small laugh, before Alison and Tiana cut their eyes to me. *Clears Throat*

"I'm sorry. Please continue Tiana" Alison said.

"Okay where was I..." Tiana thought for a second.

"You were telling about Cannes, why it is loud, not how it is quiet" Alison said.

"Oh, yeah. That's right. How it is quiet, lets see...okay, okay the low warble of the early evening cicadas , cicadas, mid century ceramic souvenirs, the worshipful hush on the other side of the glass in the monochrome Chanel boutique. All in all Cannes, France can be defined as annual Film Festival. It's that exciting"

"Awww. I want to move to France."

"Ha, Wishful thinking" I joked. Yeah, right. We will never move to France.

"Okay, okay. So whats the food like?" Alison did asked.

"Okay, well specifically in Cannes, I eat a lot of fish, seafood. One of my favorite dishes is the Bouillabaisse which is made with several kinds of fish fillets such as sea bass, red mullet, haddock, halibut, cod, conger, or red porgy, which are very expensive fishes by the way."

"Oh I bet" Alison responded. Both laughed.

"Also, Cannes is the city where fruit are grown such as dessert grapes, peaches and apricots. And since there are large lavender fields in the region, there is a wonderful honey produced there, and may I add it's very delicious"

"Oh, im sure." Alison responded, before looking across at me. " Jason we should totally take a vacation there"

"Yeah, sure. Lets get pack right now" I joked, sarcastically.

"So anyways. How are the men over there. I'm thinking about trading up" Alison joked turning a side eye to me.

"Gorgeous" Tiana answered, "Total hopeless romantic's oh and we they speak it's just-"

"Melts your heart" Alison answered for her.

"And then some" Tiana continued.

"Seems like you had some personal interaction with some of the men. Dated any?"

At that moment my ears perked up. I too wanted to know if Tiana dated any French men, more particularly at what point, upon arriving in France after we broke up or later on. That was both very personal and sensitive topic for me. I sat back and pretended as if I wasn't interested in their discussion. Hopefully Alison doesn't notice my interest in that topic.

Tiana continued, but not before giving me a discreet side eye. I instantly noticed it. Don't tell me...

"I have dated a few French men"

"Really? When?"

Dont tell me...

"Well I started to talking to this one man, Alaire D' Aubigne, maybe two three months prior to my move to France"

There it is. Just as I expected, post break up. She started dating this French dude shortly after our break up. I could not believe it. It took me four years before I got in a relationship and it only took her months! Unbelievable! I watched as the two go back and forth about the men in France and whose Tiana dated. I was not enjoying this conversation at. I don't want to hear about all the men Tiana dated in France. I have to remove myself for a while, at least until they change topics.

"Babe I'm going out for some groceries." I said standing up and walking away. "Be back in a few" I finished before walking out the door. I wasn't at all happy.

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