The Reason

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(Jason's POV)

I've been walking alongside Tiana for the past hour now. She hadn't spoken a word to me, just multiple stares and self thinking. I was curious to know what was that blow up back at the restaurant was all about. It was abrupt and out of nowhere and I wanted to know why. I needed her to talk to me.


On the call of her name, she gave me a stern look and shook her head. She then started to walk further away from me, picking up her pace every five seconds.

"Tiana" I called out to her once more, before jogging up to her. Still no response. Once by her I took her by the waist to slow her down. I turned her to face me but she looked away. "Tiana you haven't spoken to me in over an hour. Say something. Talk to me"
"What do you want me to say, Jason" she finally spoke.

"Tell me why did you blow up at me back there?"

"I don't even know myself, Jason. Okay. I don't know why I blew up at you back there. I just did. I can't explain it"

I looked down at her searching her eyes for an answer. I then said, "Try"

Tiana gazed into my eyes for a second, before shrugging her shoulders and turning away.

"I honestly do not know Jason."

I looked to her, and then thought to myself the reason why she might have blown up at me.

congratulations on your fucking engagement. You and I 'til the end my ass.

"Tiana" I then started, "was it because of Alison"

Just then Tiana cut her eyes to me and said, "nooo. It's just. maybe I don't know"

"Tiana what is about Alison that you don't like? Is it that you feel threatened by her?"

Tiana shrugged her shoulders and responded with, "Maybe, I don-" she once again started rubbing her temples in frustration. "It's just. She's already claimed one Of our memories it's just a matter of time before she claim the rest"

"She hasn't claimed nothing T'" I answered.

Now I was officially concerned for Tiana. I hate that she even feel that way. I don't want her to think Alison changes anything about our relationship because it doesn't.

"It's still our memories Tiana"

"No it's not Jason. Open your eyes" she insisted, "New memories are being written as we speak, and soon everything you and I were, everything we were about would be what was and nothing more, so I would like to leave here with as much as our memories possible, because that is all I would have left of you, my best friend, my once everything, alright"

"Tiana you're talking like we're not going to be in each other's life any more, and that's simply not the case. We're not going anywhere"

"But we are Jason. Do you think Alison is going to let me be in your life forever, No. Soon she will have you make a chose: me or her and you're going to have to choose."

"That's not going to happen" I assured. "No way in hell will I'll let that happen"

"You say that now Jason, but at the end you will" she shrugged her shoulders and once more said, "you will" before walking in the opposite direction that leads back to the restaurant. I followed behind her...

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