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(Tiana's POV)

The following day I woken to a FaceTime request from a friend in France just as I was about to drift back off to sleep. I eased from under my cover and open up the request.


"Se lever et briller l'amour"

"What time is it?" I asked rubbing the sleep out of my eyes

"It's five over here" he said in his French accent.

I look over at my phone that was on the charger on my nightstand and checked the time. It read 8:00 A. M.

"Okay wha- what's going on?" I asked, " Is everything alright over there?"

"Yes everything is fine I'm just checking on you" He smiled

"I appreciate that Alain, but can I go back to sleep?" I asked sliding back under my cover.

"You're going to sleep your life away beautiful"

"I know," I responded, " let me"

He chuckled and said, " Sweet Dreams mon amour"

"Adieu M. Devereaux" I said before powering off my Voodoo Envy Laptop and going back to sleep.


Today the ladies are finally letting me see my God Babies and I absolutely cannot wait; they're the perfect distraction, with everything that's going on between Jason and I.

"No, I can't wait" I said talking to Maya.

"Well get your butt over here miss thang so you can meet them" Maya said into the phone.

"Alright I'll be there soon...Okay see ya"

Two hours later I pulled into Maya's driveway in front of the door. Upon exiting my car, I looked around in awe. You know I really didn't notice how beautiful her home was; from the stamped concrete driveway to the beautiful landscape. My sister has done very well for herself.

Maya walked out of her stain glass double doors and greeted me with a hug.

"Well it's about time" Maya said easing away from me.

"My mother do live in Malibu M' two hours away, sweetie"

"Well come" she said taking my hands, "the ladies are here as well along with our husbands"

"The hubbies are here too?" I joked.

"Yes they are, and they want to meet the famous Tiana Waters that their wives always talk about"

"Awww I would like to meet them too"

"Awesome now let's go"

We walked into a beautiful foyer.
"So exactly how many bedrooms"

"Five bedrooms five baths" she answered as we headed to the living.

"Well alright then Ms. Lambert"

"I know, right?" Maya smiled.

When we get into the living room, Catalina and Layla was sitting on the couch. Catalina was brushing her daughter Isabella's hair while Layla's two year old daughter Daniel was playing with build blocks and little Daen was playing with some Tool Workshop thing. They were absolutely adorable.

"Ti'ti!" Layla exclaimed walking over to me and embracing me in a hug.

"Hey mama" I greeted before releasing her and air kissing Catalina on the side of her face."How are you gorgeous?" I asked as she puts her daughter's hair up in a ponytail.

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