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(Tiana's POV)

About thirty minutes or so later, Jason Returned with not a single item. Alison and I had moved on from the previous topic.

"So how do you juggle you're boutique and your models?" Alison asked.

"Well I do have help. I have assistance at my boutique. Her name is Adeline, she'll take over if I have a fashion show that day or just a full schedule with my models, and for the models, I have a friend. Her name Delphine she'll train newcomers while I book fashion shows, handle the other models and such"

"Sounds like you're always busy. How is that you are taking time off from your schedule now."

"Well I'll only be here for three weeks, then I have to return home and prepare my models for their Fashion Show in Paris the following week"

"Oh alright. Oh hey sweetie" Alison said when Jason walked into the room. "Well where are the grocery"


"The groceries Jason" Alison responded with slight annoyance.

"Oh, the groceries. I'm sorry, I got distracted along the way"

"Well what was the distraction?" She questioned.

"Uh... The surfers" Jason lied, "they had some awesome tricks"

"Okay Jason, No"Alison interrupted, standing up and walking over to Jason. "We've talked about this"

"Yes dear" Jason responded.

"And what happened to your hair?"

"It was the wind babe calm down"

"You know I don't like that wild look" she said straightening out his hair.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Jason was literally letting her Dominate the conversation. This was a switch for Alison. She seemed so sweet, nice.

"Babe you are CEO of a corporation. You have to carry yourself as such. Remember people know your face, you have got to maintain a polished reputation."

"I know that Alison"

I couldn't believe. I found myself getting upset. Jason had never been that type of person. He wouldn't let anyone run his life, not even his parents growing up. I had to leave before I give that lady a piece of my mind.

"I'm sorry, I'll just go" I said cutting them off. "This is a personal matter, so I'll just-"

"Yes of course" Alison said walking over to me and extending her hands.

For a moment I just stood there, contemplating whether or not to let this lady know how I feel, but then stopped myself and shook her hands.

"It was so nice to meet you Tiana" she said.

"Yes, same here" I lied, before walking away.

"I'll drop you off at home" Jason said following behind me.

"Thank you Jason" I nodded before walking out the door.

Out of the House:

Jason opened the door for me. I slid in and waited for him. When he got in he annoyingly put on his seatbelt.

"Jason are you al-"

"Don't want to talk about it" he retorted abruptly, cutting me off.

I nodded and silenced, sitting back in my seat and looking out of the window. After snapping on his seatbelt, Jason had put the car in drive and sped off...

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