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(Tiana's POV)

The following day:

California 8:00 AM, France 9:00 PM

I was standing by the stove cooking up my favorite breakfast, Strawberry Shortcake French Toast, in my water Silk Tresor when I hear my buzzer go off. I lowered the temperature and grabbed my Camael Diamonds Ipad off the countered and checked the camera's. A smile surfaced on my face as I place the Ipad down and rushed over to the door.

Upon making it to the door I quickly opened the door and was met with Alain's sweet smile.

"Comment vas-tu Beaute?" He greeted,

"Comment est tu beau? I responded, before he pull me in a strong embracement, lifting me up and twirling me.

"Je vous ai manque" he said when he put me down.

"Ouais, moi aussi," I smiled, "let me help you with your suitcases"

"It's fine I got It"

"Mr. Devereaux I insist" I said grabbing his medium size suitcase off the porch.

"Is that French Toast I smell?" Alain asked,

"Yes Strawberry Shortcake French Toast my favorite" I responded,

"this is a beautiful house" he said admiring the house.

"Thank you. Now come I'll show you to your bedroom" I said walking down the hall ahead of him.

"Thank you" Alain said following me.

When we get to the bedroom, I place the suitcase beside the bed and left back out of the room and went back to the stove and flipped my toast. "You want to try my French Toast!" I shouted to Alain, who emerged from the bedroom and entered the kitchen.

"I would love some. Thank you"

"Of course" I said lifting the now finished French Toast and placed it on the plate with the other French Toast. "So how's everyone been back home?" I made small talk as I sandwiched some strawberries and lemon sugar between the two halves and topped it with some more berries and yogurt, and drizzled it with honey.

"Same. Work never stops with those two" he answered.

I turned around and slid the plate over to Alain and retrieved a fork the kitchen drawer nearest to the sink and handing it to him.

"Are you sure? I could take the next batch Tiana"

"Please. It's fine. Now go on and taste it. Tell me what you think," I said.

I watched as Alain slice through the French Toast and took a bite of it. All the while admiring how gorgeous he was. Jason who? I thought to myself.

"Wow, Tiana this is delicious" Alain said after swallowing.

"Oh well thank ya, thank ya. I am woman of many talents" I boasted, flipping my hair left and right. We laughed.

"So are you going to give me the recipe or not?"

"Ou non" I joked. Alain chuckled, "no I'm joking. Actually the recipe is rather simple" I said before refocusing my attention back on the stove. Alain placed his fork down and joined me on the other side of the counter.

"Okay all you need is eggs, sugar, lemon zest, strawberries, yogurt, honey, and four split English muffins, alright. Are you paying attention"

"Yes ma'am" he smiled,

"Okay" I chuckled, lifting my measurement cups and presenting them to Alain, "alright, now all you need is one teaspoon of grated lemon zest along with three tablespoons of sugar. Okay, you following?" I asked,

"Oui" he nodded,

"Okay, awesome. Now notice that there are three cups of halved strawberries, now with that, you should add a third of the lemon-sugar in each cup. Now you know how the French Toast is made right?"

"Yes" he answered. I could see him staring at me at the corner of my eyes. I let out soft chuckle. "What is it?" He asked, smiling.

"Don't worry about it" I said, "okay I'll make the French Toast and when I'm done I want you to add the toppings for me, alright"

"Ouais bien"

"Awesome, now finish your French Toast, at the table this time"

"Oui madame" he smiled, picking up his plate and walking over to the dining table and sitting down.

I chuckled, "I can't with you" I said before refocusing on making my French Toast.

"Ok sandwich quelques fraises et un peu plus de citron et de sucre entre les moites de muffins et la garniture avec yogourt et certains plus de baies et de bruine avec du miel"

"Oui! C'est parfait. Salut-cinq!" I exclaimed raising my hands up for Alain to hi-five it. We hi-fived and I walk over to the table and sat down to eat my Strawberry Shortcake French Toast, but then I realized I forgot to get a fork. As I started to stand up, Alain had handed me a fork, before sitting across me"

"Thank you" I smiled, before digging in.

After Alain and I finished cleaning the dishes together, we joined each other in the pool along with new petrus vintage red wine from Bordeaux, a port city in southwestern France.

I wore a Tori Praver Cabrillo Macrame-Detailed Black Monokini while Alain wore a Morio Gingham Check Print Swim Trunks.

Alain and I sat beside each other engaging in great conversation; talking about everything under the sun, from romantic places we should visit on our return to France, to young up and coming models wanting to join our team.

"Their still having trouble with walking the runway, but they'll get there"

"I believe in our team. They will definitely get them there"

"Absolutely" Alain nodded his head.

"Also I've been sketching new designs that I plan on working as soon as I get back home"

"When do you think that'll be, actually? I mean if you don't mind me asking"

"In another week or so, or sooner. I haven't figured it out yet" I said,

"Sooner? You mean because of what happened between you and Jason"

"You know I don't want to talk about that" I said abruptly, smiling faintly with slight frustration.

"I'm sorry I didn't-"

"I know, I just. The quicker I forget about that man, the better you know"

"Of course"

"I just want to put that whole situation in the past, like yesterday" I said with a hint of frustration in my voice, "and now I'm snapping at you. I'm sorry A-"

"Hey" he said pushing some hair away from my face, "trust me it's alright, promettre"

I smiled, "Merci"

"Bien sur" he said as he pulled me in close to him. I laid my head on his shoulder. From there we continued our random conversation.

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