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(Jason's POV)

My fiancee and I are preparing for a get together with some very important people from all kinds of businesses and we cannot afford to mess this up. This is my first time hosting a dinner party. Everything have got to be on point.

"Babe are you sure you sent out all the invitations?"

"I'm sure"

"Is the dinner table set correctly?"


"You brought out the good China, right?"

"Yes Jason"

"Good, good. And my attire? Come check babe. Is my attire alright"

Alison walks over to me and fixed my tie. She, then says, "for the umpteenth time your suit is alright. Relax. You don't want to come off as nervous in front of your boss. Now our guests will be arriving in the next hour or so, so let's finish adding the last touches for this party, alright"

Alison was right I need not be so nervous, the boss will not be impressed. God I hope they RSVP.

"Babe did they RSVP?

"Focus Cooke"


-One Hour Later-

"Cooke you have a very nice home"

"Thank you Mr. Knox I really appreciate it. You remember my lovely fiancee Alison?"

"Yes. It's a pleasure meeting you "

"Oh, pleasure's all mine Mr. Knox"

"Excuse me Cooke there's a few friends over there I have to talk to."

"Yes of course . Enjoy your night sir."

*Mr. Knox walks away*

Alison quickly faces me and says, "you were nervous Jason"

"I know I'm sorry"

"Don't be sorry. Just shake that nervousness off of you, right now, remember"

"I know never let the boss see you nervous."

"Alright. Now let's go mingle."

-Two Hours Later-

*Glasses Clink*

After about an hour or so later, Alison directed the guest to the vast dining table where they all gathered. She then signalled me to make a toast.

"First I would like to thank all of you for coming to this dinner party this is my first time hosting a dinner party and I say I did quite well wouldn't you all agree?"

*Everyone Laughed*

After I finished my toast Alison signaled everyone to have a seat.

"Everyone have a seat and enjoy this meal."

Everyone dived in.

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