Did I?

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(Tiana's POV)

Not wanting Jason to find me at my parents house or the ladies, I decided to hide out at my Harborview Hills Mansion in Newport.

I purchase the Mansion in 2012 when I first planned to visit everyone before work got in the way and I had to cancel those plans. Since then, I had the ladies home sit or just do a walk through to see if everything is properly working and if its spotless just for a situation like this.

As I laid on my Magnetic Floating Bed, I thought about everything that has transpired today, contemplating whether or not I made the right decision in severing all ties with my best friend; so suddenly and abrupt. Did I made a mistake? Was that the right call? Should I take it all back and just forgive him?

Yes he forgot about 'The Promise', Yes he broke 'The Promise' and is soon to be married to another, but he is/was my best friend. He broke my heart, yes; He's chosen someone else. He broke our bond; gave up on me so quickly when I wanted to pursue my dreams and relocate to France. He ended us and didn't even apologize for it, ignored me for six years, hell he probably still would have continued to ignore me had I not come home, but we've known each other our whole life.

Did I make the right call? Have I've made a big mistake? I'm now laying here with tears streaming down my face; these thoughts are so overwhelming, so frustrating and exhausting. Why am I hurting so much?

On my nightstand, I had my phone charging. I quickly unplugged it and opened up my contacts. With my thumb on Jason's name, I was ready to just call him and take back everything I have said and forgive him. That would be the easiest choice, maybe then I wouldn't be in so much pain; All is forgiven and we could go back to the way things were... only if things were as it once were, but its not. Times have changed I am no longer the center of his world, as he still is in mines. I cannot do that to myself anymore. With that I went back to my contacts and called Mommy.

Forty Minutes Later:

Forty minutes later I hear my doorbell ring. I rushed out of my bedroom and ran to the door. Once I opened it I ran into my mommy's arm.

"Mommy" I cried,

"I am so sorry my sweet baby" I continued to cry in her arms, "alright, come come tell me everything that happened"

I gave my mother a quick recap of all that happened today.

"So there. Jason and I are out of each others life, I do not want anything more to do with him,"

"Sweetie are you sure about this? Are you sure you're willing to give up your friendship with Jason just like that?"

"No, I'm not sure, but I have to be, I need to be. I cannot put myself through this any longer. I deserve happiness mommy"

"Yes you do sweetie"

"And I will get my happiness"

"That's right" she nodded,

"Yes ma'am" I responded swiping my tears away. Together we laughed, before mommy resumed holding me.

"Well then" she said in my ears, "tell me about this Alain fella"

I smiled and nodded my head, "Right...."

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