A Day With The Ladies

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(Tiana's POV)

Maya had set up an In Home Medi's and Pedi's night for the ladies. The three was going back and forth boasting about their little ones. Maya has a three year old son, his name is Daen. Catalina has a four year old Daughter and her name is Isabella. Layla has a two year old Daughter, Daniel. On top of them having kids Maya and Layla are married while Catalina is currently engaged.

"So when can I see the little ones?" I asked with much excitement.

"Maybe later. " Layla answered, "Today is a ladies day. Our husbands have the children right now."

"Yeah there all at Layla's home" Catalina added, "but moving on. How are you and Jason?"

"Oh boy here we go" I knew it wasn't only a matter of time before they brought Jason and I up. "We're fine. Oh rhinestones please, yes in the middle" I said to the lady working on my nails.

"Yes ma'am" she nodded.

"Thank you. So yeah we're fine" I then continued.

"So have you met his fiancee?" Layla asked.

"I did actually"

"Yeah. How did that go?" Maya pried. I gave her the 'How Do You Think?" Look with a roll of the eyes.

"It was fine at first" I said.

"At first? Well what happened?" Catalina queried.

"Nothing I want to get into right now let's just say she tried it. I was about to... You know what moving on from. Her."

"Yeah we don't have to talk about her. Irrelevant right"

"Yeah, exactly"

"Okay back on the topic being you and Jason, so you told I went surfing"

"We did. And well" *clear throats I dominated" I boasted flipping my hair.

"Pssh. We knew that. Jason hadn't been surfing in years" Layla said simultaneously looking at Maya and Cattie.

"No excuse. I slayed on those waves. It was fair and square"

"If you say so. So tell me something else. Has it been awkward between you and Jason like at any time?" Maya asked.

I nodded, "There was a few awkward moments, but you know its fine. Nothing a good laugh couldn't fix"

"But all in all you guys are alright, right?"

"Yes we're good."

"okay good. That's great"

After about an hour or so later the ladies and I went on a little shopping spree and afterwards after we dropped off our clothes at Maya's home we went out to eat.

We pulled up to Reunion Kitchen and Drink an Upscale casual restaurant and bar off of Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Once inside and seated, the ladies and I waited for the waitress to take our order.

"Hello. What will you all be having today?" The Waitress asked once at our table

"Yes I will have a Blackened Cowboy Ribeye and Cakebread Chardonnay" Layla started.

Once the waitress wrote down Layla's order, she turned to Catalina. "Ma'am?"

"I'll have a short Rib Griller, and a Little House Salad with Dom Perignon"

Maya, then order. "I'll take Rosemary's Chicken and Biscuits, A Little Caesar's and same Dom Perignon"

"I'll have Slow Braised Short Ribs" I ordered lastly, "Sliced Steak and Potato Salad. And to drink I will have a Heidsieck Split. Thank you"

The Waitress nodded, "okay you all's meals will be here shortly" she finished before walking away.

While the ladies and I waited for our meal I had the ladies tell me how their husbands proposed to them.

"Well Eamon proposed to me on our eight month anniversary" -Maya started...

After we finished our desserts, the ladies and I headed back to Maya's home to pick up our clothes.

"Alright love I have to go. I had fun."

"Will you come back tomorrow or...?"

"Of course. I want to meet your precious baby boy" I finished giving Maya a hug, "And make sure the ladies bring their little ones so I could meet them as well okay"

"Of course" Maya responded.

"Alright. See you tomorrow"

And with that I was out the
door ...

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