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(Tiana's POV)

I cannot wait to see my mommy and daddy. As I said we had only Face chatted over ooVoo back in France. Now after six years I will be seeing them in person. I absolutely cannot wait!

-Hours Later-

Finally I made it home. I am super excited to surprise my parents, but equally excited to just be off that plane. God I am so tired. I walked up to the door and ranged the door bell. Seconds later, the door swung open and out come my mom quickly hugging me all teary eyes.

"Oh my God, my sweet baby!"

I held onto her so tightly. My eyes too became watery. Gosh I never knew I'd miss my mom this much.

"God I miss you so much..." I responded with.

"Is daddy home?"

"Yes he is. Come, come. Let's go surprise him."

Mother then, led me into the house and through the kitchen leading out into the backyard where dad was Barbecuing.

"Anthony!" Mother called out to him as she motioned me to remain in the kitchen. She then walked into the backyard.

"Come taste try dear" Anthony responded, turning the rib over.

"Anthony, sweetie can you come in the kitchen real quick. I have something to show you."

"Alright. Give me a sec."

Five minutes later, dad came into the kitchen. He instantly saw me and embraced me with kisses and hugs. God it felt so good to be in my dad's arms, so warm and welcoming, just as it always been.

"I'm so happy to see you daddy"

I buried my head in his chest as my dad squeezed me tightly.

"My precious pumpkin"

Once he released me, mother came over and asked, "are you staying with us for a while"

"I don't know yet, mom. I still have to see my friends. I may stay with them will im California."

"Well you room hasn't changed. If you decide to stay with us as long as you're here."

I nodded and said, "yes ma'am"

Dad, then extended his hands. He then said, "Pumpkin, you want to help your father barbecue"

I smiled and took his hands. "Just like old times, huh"

I was then led out into the backyard where I joined him at the pit.

"Are you still any good" I joked taking the fork out of his hands and flipping over the sausages myself.

"Your old man still have skills." He responded, before turning around and preparing the hamburgers.

"The smoke is dying out...Mom can you bring us some more Charcoal?!"

"Give me a sec, sweetie." Mom answered from the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later, she returned with a bag of charcoals and couple bottles of water. She sure read my mind it was scorching hot out here and being under this smoking hot pit was not making it any better. Dad and I took a break from barbecuing to join my mommy at the table.

Mom handed me and dad a bottle of water. Dad takes a sip of his water and looks to me. He then asked me,

"So pumpkin. What have you been up to? You hadn't video chat mom and I for the past three weeks. Everything alright?"

"Yes, sir. I've just been really busy. Planning fashion shows, and preparing my ladies, auditioning women, hiring more women. Just crazy crazy busy weeks. Sorry"

"I get that your busy, pumpkin, but that's no excuse"

"I know"

"You live miles and miles away in a Foreign country. Your mom and I don't get to see at all, and we want to see our baby. You could spare five minutes to talk with your parents"

God I feel so bad. I know my daddy is right, no one is ever that busy that they cannot spare five minutes to talk with family. I lowered my head. I was so ashamed.

All I can say was "I'm sorry daddy."

"It's alright, pumpkin just consider your mother and I. How we feel, we worry. I mean our daughter is all way across the world. Mom you have any thing to say?"

Dad looked to Mom. She then said, "I don't care about anything of that at this point, I'm just glad you're home. My sweet baby."

"It's good to be home, mommy."

"Now. Don't you two have to get back to barbecuing."

Daddy and I instantly hopped out of our chairs and rushed over to the pit. We had forgotten about the sausages! *laugh* So good to be back home.

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